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Taxpayers financing religious schools

Pseudo-libertarians want our tax money to finance religious and private schools that meet approval by the government.
Over 7 million children are in non-government schooling---
about 5.25 million conventional private and religious
schools, and 2 million in home schools.

Every parent who refuses to allow the state to school
his/her children wins a victory for quality education and
the cause of freedom from government school indoctrination.

If you're glad these parents have separated **their**
families from state schooling, you might get as excited as
I am about this development:

The largest Protestant denomination in America---Southern
Baptists, with 16 million members---will be voting next
week on a resolution calling on their members to remove
their children from government schools!

It's very consideration is already causing the beginning
of a stir: Favorable articles have shown up in the Boston
Globe, the Wall Street Journal, WorldNetDaily, the
Washington Times. And the O'Reilly Factor is trying to
schedule one of the Baptists who submitted the resolution.

And vastly more attention would undoubtedly result if the
Southern Baptists actually pass a "get the kids out"
resolution. This will be so appalling to the mainstream
news that "Mr. Dan" Rather will be whining on the 6:00 news
and "60 Minutes" is sure to do a hit piece.

Pray for a slow news week and Time and Newsweek might make
it a cover story, full of dire predictions of the demise
of America if the Baptists pull their 4 million children
from the schools.

If you're not a Southern Baptist, or a Protestant, or even
a Christian, you may think this has nothing to do with
you, but it does.

1) You probably know people who are Southern Baptists, or
2) For sure, you know people who belong to other
denominations that might be interested in passing a
similar resolution in the future in their group.

This could be an important new front in the fight for
educational choice. Religious and denominational
differences should not divide us in our common desire to
expand school choice ... ending federal interference in
local schools and taking a major step toward making all
schooling private.

I am setting up a new organization---initially as part of
the Alliance for Separation of School & State---to promote
this concept in other groups.

We call it GetTheKidsOut.org.

What can you do TODAY to help move the Baptists in the
freedom-in-schooling direction?

1) send this email to everybody on your personal email
list who is religious, or likes the freedom philosophy, or
both. Ask them to send it to their friends.

2) post this email to any online newsgroups or discussion
forums you frequent.

3) CALL any Southern Baptists you know and urge them to
advise any "Messengers" (SOBAPT lingo for delegates to
their convention in Indianapolis next week) of this

4) visit www.GetTheKidsOut.org and sign up for the monthly
online update on Get The Kids Out.

Thank you for reading this. I get too much email, too. :-)
But this is important and URGENT.


Marshall Fritz
Interim Director, GetTheKidsOut.org
President, HonestEd.com
(Alliance for the Separation of School & State)