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Bicycle battery update

New developments in eco-friendly batteries especially for bicycles.
"From: Eric Peltzer <eric@p...>
Date: Fri Jun 11, 2004 2:18 pm
Subject: Zinc Matrix Power - interesting batts under development

Interesting story at theinquirer.net - these batts are claimed to have the
qualities of being about the same power-to-weight as li-ion but twice the
power-to-volume. Hence the interest for laptop computers. Another even more
significant advantage would be greater safety over li-ion. They would
presumably be no more dangerous to handle or charge than regular zinc
batts. Let's hope they're cheaper as well.

- Eric"

Here is an excerpt,

"Zinc Matrix Power is developing a rechargeable, polymer-based alkaline battery which it claims has shown in lab tests approximately two times the energy-to-volume of today's standard lithium-based batteries. The polymer based technology uses a water-based electrolyte which, when combined with the plastic case, will minimise the risk of fire.

Zinc Matrix Power and Intel are working together on several areas of development for this technology, which includes battery packaging, charging circuits and fuel gages - this could possibly allow for computer manufacturers to build Intel-based laptops powered by the new battery.

The technology, which is planned for introduction in 2006, will be previewed at Intel's Developer Forum in September."

BTW, theinquirer.net is pretty interesting reading for techno-freaks.
rechargable? 11.Jun.2004 20:42


are they rechargable?

Read the article again, slowly 12.Jun.2004 00:58

2nd main paragraph, first line, 7th word