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Results of the G8: Two Observations that weren't expected...

Global Direct Action held (actions of those in LA, SF, Atlanta, Londonto name a few ) in Solidarity with the few couragous one who show shift in doctrne/strategy of the Movement; and the actions Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front stand out as the Highlight of the G8/J10 Calls to Action.
the G8 summit/J10 activities at brunswick and and savannah though modest were punctuated by Direct Action both in Georgia and Worldwide. More arrests and Direct Action results were recorded worldwide than at the actual site of the Summit. These hundreds were arresstd and Direct Action reports are still coming in from all fronts in the Stuggle for Liberation. Demonstrating the solidarity of all those who choose to stand against the corporate expoitatation and imperial oppression of globalization regardless tactics or ideology. It is this shift in doctrine that shows an evolution in the Movement's approach to the security and logistics issues that were a deterant to the expected large number of dissident voices. Instead leaders and local organizers planned to conduct demonstratins in solidarity with those who braved the heat, the looming shadow of the jackboot and the temporary prison camps(free speech zones) established for them to have their voices fall on deaf ears. Still it is an inspiration to us all to have witnessed those who bravely took action, breaking out from the free speech zones(marches) and those who took direct action in solidarity all over the globe during G8/J10. Is this the shift in stratgey that will lead us to victory? Perhaps by decentralizing our efforts we achieve more succees, like us they too can not be everywhere at once, but when we are not where they expect us or we do not do what they anticipate we undermine their credibility and we give the element of suprise to our comrades. Regardless whether or not this signals a true change or just a fluke it is a far bigger story itself than the actual Savannah/Brunswick actions. This is not negative commentary or an an attack on those who went to these actions, the atlanta imc or anyone else; it is just an observation that when one leaves our local atl imc and goes to other imcs we notice their top news is as well G8/J10 but they are locally generated actions that headline.

It is also here that action taken in Atlanta that clogged the bandwith over sahdowed the savannah and brunswick. The Urban Guerrilla LiberationFront and several other smaller collectives conducted their own Direct Action campaigns to support those in the free speech zones this week. At times there was more buzz in regards to the UGLF, it tactics, members, spelling, grammar and ideology than the real focus of the G8/J10 calls to action. This again regarless the sentiment, that decentralized local direct action taken in solidarity with smaller contigents that spearhead the action at traditional venues of dissent is a stratgey that though functional can not be employed consistantly to counter the measures employed by the state and warrants further examination.

The chance again presents itself tomorrow with J12 Direct Action events being planned worldwide.

uglf member,
jay welin

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