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PPD Harass Bikers? Duh.

The Kickoff parade for Pedalpalooza draws the attention of anti-funers Officers Balzer and Smith. BIKE FUN WILL NOT STOP HOWEVER.
A cool lovely Portland evening's bike ride was again interfered with by some fun-hating Portland Police. Officers
Balzer and Smith offered up no less than 3 traffic citations to the bike community at the Pedalpalooza Kickoff parade Thursday night.

"Three pedestrians were jaywalking at the time I was ticketed" said the very jaunty Jane. "Of course it was safe to pass though the intersection. They were just singling me out because I was on a tall bike and had an exciting DIY cheerleader costume on. They threatened to cite me for operating an unsafe vehicle. They want to crush all the beauty in this world... I pity them."

Here is an account from the zoobomb website:

Us - We have a permit for this event.
Them - You're outside the 'permit area'.
Us - This is a permitted event. Do you know where the parade route is?
Them - Um, no, but you're outside the 'permit area'.
Us - Can you tell us where the 'permit area' is?
Them - Um, no. Oh, and by the way, here's your ticket, have a nice day.

"Still the parade was great" said Jane. "There were lots of people, about 2 blocks worth. Family's, singing ladies, road-kill sculptures, faux-surfers, and a mess of silly hats."

When asked about how this would affect the image of police officers in the future riders simply shrugged and continued pressing on. "As long as people keep on ignoring the injustice around us, none are free," said jane.

homepage: homepage: http://zoobomb.org

bikes and cops 12.Jun.2004 10:33


since it seems like the tom potter campaign is the last best hope for city leadership that might put an end to this kind of wasteful, vengeful and petty policing, i suggest that a statement is drawn up demanding an end to police harrassment of bicyclists. the statement could be circulated at bicycle events/shops/whatever throughout the summmer, and then presented to the potter campaign with a request that he pledge to end this behavior if elected. the current power-vaccuum/lame-duck katz administration will have to end before progress of any kind can be made in the city of portland.

anyone interested, reply here and we can get in touch to begin planning.

naked bikes and the ppd 13.Jun.2004 11:22


I was quite encouraged by the non police interference with the naked bike ride last night (june 12). Although there was plenty of police presence, I dont think there were any incidents, and they pretty much just let us be... which made for a very fun ride of naked people on bikes. When is the next ride?

No Power With Potter 13.Jun.2004 11:50

Realized idealist

It's absolutely absurd to think that the bicycle community has any sway over the Potter campaign. What are we going to do, threaten to vote for Francesconi? The horrible truth of the matter is that we have no choice but to vote the geezer cop into office just to fend off that puppet of real-estate agents and "developers" that is Councilman Jim.

I blame the entire problem on faux-realists in the activist community that glommed onto Potter because they saw him as "electable" rather than going with a candidate that had truly progressive views and an intelligent, well-structured plan for the city.

And, to be honest, I also blame the Greens for putting up a half-assed, ill-considered candidate seemingly entirely for the purpose of engendering itself (the party) with a certain segment of the community.

We had a great opportunity here and the best man came in third behind vote-your-fears (AKA false security) and big money.

Pedalpaollsa Parade Tickets 13.Jun.2004 20:34


For the two tickets I saw the cops were being reasonable and predictable.

Ticket 1-- A tandem was corking a highway on ramp but the situation was so dicey no one would go through the light. A couple of motorcycle cops that wanted to use the ramp and get on the highway saw this and ticketed the tandem.

Ticket 2--The cop told Jaunty Jane (the tall bike woman in the fabulous costume) that she ran a yellow light. She said "I couldn't stop" (thus earning the threatened ticket for operating an unsafe vehicle).

What was happening was not harassment, it was predictable cop behavior when they see someone breaking traffic laws. No big deal.

uh huh... 14.Jun.2004 11:48

solid gold

yeah, sure, i see SO MANY cars ticketed for going through yellow lights everyday. when i see cars getting pullled over for going through a yellow, i'll believe that this wasn't harrasment. not to be dropping too shocking of a truth, but guess what, PORTLAND POLICE HATE MINORITIES, ACTIVISTS, AND CYCLISTS. i can't believe people even try to defend the them.

The Green Redneck 03.Jul.2004 21:16

PDX cops, election

I don't live on your side of the river so don't really have a dog in this fight, but Potter sure seemed decent as PDX police chief--whereas Francesconi sure acts like he can't get developers' dicks far enough down his throat as a councilman, maybe he thinks he'll achieve better slurpage as mayor. Yes, I mean this to be as demeaning as possible to politicians who pimp for the growth biz. BTW, has any bank robber figured out that pulling off a Portland job will be safer during Critical Mass?

Bank Robbers on Critical Mass 07.Jul.2004 19:41

A good cop....cause I'm not a cop.

Have any bank robbers figured out that critical mass is a good time to go to work?

Yes, they are called cops on over-time pay...robbing the coffers of Portland while harrassing the citizens they are sworn to protect. I'll never shed a tear for a cop who whines about inadequate pay for the dangers that they face so long as I see the threat that pose and the threats that they make toward our citizenery.

Cops dish it so well and I hate the sniviling when they end up on the unfortunate end of a bad encounter. My attitude would be different if I witnessed some dedication to serving the community and some acceptance of responsibility but it never comes. I have seen them place individuals in dangerous situations, I have seen them shoot little girls and tazzer dead men and their Police Union looks after them while they snivle about bad pay. I say let the union be their only friend; if your a cop don't look to the community for support because you and your peers have demonstrated that your alliance is with your brethern in the union against the community. Clam up with your public appeals and call a spade a spade; I don't bother to run to the police cause I know they are bankrupt and decide who is right based on their perception of affluence.