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"Stupidity" held over again!

Stupidity, the documentary, is holding over again at the Clinton Street Theater due to popular demand. See the trailer here. http://www.trailervision.com/trailer.php?id=143 See the movie here: http://www.clintonsttheater.com/
From Portland's Newsweekly Williamette Week Stupidity, the documentary, is holding over again at the Clinton Street Theater due to popular demand. Stupidity In one of the most compelling and entertaining films of the year, documentarian Albert Nerenberg asks one simple question: What is stupidity? It's much harder to answer than you might think, for, as Einstein theorized, the universe and stupidity are the only things that are infinite--and he had his doubts about the former. Amazingly, there has been no real academic study on stupidity, and there are only a handful of serious books on the topic, but that doesn't stop Nerenberg from blazing forward. The result is a sometimes funny, sometimes terrifying look at the human race and the stupid things it has done over the course of time. One of the theories Stupidity puts forth is that people prefer the act of "resisting intelligence," as it makes them feel more comfortable. In other words, ignorance is bliss. Which would explain why this country is in so much trouble. Thankfully, Nerenberg isn't content with simply pointing a finger and saying things like, "Bush is a moron." Instead, he offers some surprising theories, offering much intelligence behind the veneer of idiocy. Along with Super Size Me, Stupidity is one of the most important films you can see in town this week. Don't miss it. NR (DW)
it was poor average 11.Jun.2004 16:22

it was pretty simple

and did not have much to do with politics the way I thought it would by looking at the advertising. Personally I say save your money, there are better shows to rent or go see.

it was STUPID 11.Jun.2004 19:42

not irony...

i felt as though i was watching a filmstrip in the days of Psych 101.

i agree 11.Jun.2004 21:22


i've seen it, and i've advised everyone who's told me they were going to see it NOT to. No offense to the Clinton St., but it was stupid to pay $4 to go see it. It wasn't cohesive at all - just a bunch of people talking about stupidity. pretty lame.

Real butter with that spam? 11.Jun.2004 22:13

PJ Brockinghammershlag

I think the Clinton St. theatre should send a donation PIMC's way