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New track from dred-I: "Way of Life"

RBG: "Revolutionary But Gangsta"
"Way of Life" by dred-I
Also check out:

"Temple to Fear (Flies in the Buttermilk)"
feat. Mumia Abu-Jamal and Omowali Imani


"Did You Beat Up Any Niggahs Lately?" feat. Malcolm X and Fred Hampton Sr.


More coming soon!
on point and not a moment too soon 11.Jun.2004 15:29

JOE BALL pdxbookstoprisoners@lists.riseup.net

this track is correct and concise. listen and learn!
yeah we need more music posts on portland.indymedia- DRED I keep it coming!
for a weekly dose of conciousness raising hip hop, jazz and funk check the JOE BALL SHOW on pdx IMC webradio- monday nights (all shows available for streaming download in the archives)
support the incarcerated- PDX BOOKS TO PRISONERS
support the incarcerated- PDX BOOKS TO PRISONERS

To Joe Ball.... 12.Jun.2004 08:52


As long as people like you give us airplay, we'll keep puttin' out the hits that give the state the shits.

Feel free to copy, burn2CD, and distribute anything we post on indymedia.

More tracks coming next week...

My favorite... 13.Jun.2004 11:42


...is the Malcolm X/Fred Hampton one. Good work, dred-I. Thank you.