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The GW Bush Library - What Will Be In It?

The George W. Bush Library - Totally classied?
Comments about how Reagan will be buried at his Presidential Library in California prompted me to consider just what the George W. Bush Library would consist of.

Fiction: The goat story he read to the kids on 9/11 and The Hungry Caterpillar

Non-Fiction: Every bit classified under executive privilege

Magazines and Newspapers: "Don't read 'em."

I figure it will probably fit into an abandoned 7/11 in Dallas, Texas.
More Bush Library Candidates 11.Jun.2004 12:43


George's handwritten speeches--in the original crayon. Also...

"Snorting Coke for Dummies"

"The Liar's Handbook"

Numerous texts by Goebbles.

More 11.Jun.2004 12:50

Den Mark, Vancouver

"Curious George At The White House"

"My First Golden Book Of History"

"Leadership For Dummies"

"Primer For English As A Second Language"

GW's Library 11.Jun.2004 13:38


The script from "How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying."

A National Treasure 11.Jun.2004 15:22

ed norton

The framed original of the building permit for the library, autographed by Justices Kennedy, O'Connor, Renquist, Scalia and Thomas.

After passing through the building portal, over which is carved in granite "The George W. Bush Presidential Library", one enters a small vestibule with a few shelves lining the walls. A few steps further and one goes through a second door into a very much larger cavernous interior, with no windows.

Over that door is carved "The 'Dick' Cheney Vice-Presidential Library."

More on Bush books 11.Jun.2004 15:56


The Reader's Digest condensed version of The Prince by Machiavelli.
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Ford edition.
Wiseguy, by Nicolas Pileggi.
Mien Kampf, book on tape read by Charleton Heston.
And the complete Jack T. Chick collection.

The few art pieces will consist of... 12.Jun.2004 01:12

Ben Dover

Two busts, Benito Mussolini and Alfred E. Newman.

what's there 12.Jun.2004 07:56


1. copies of the anthrax letters sent to Senators Leahy and Daschle, filed under 'Patriot Act, Facilitation'; copy of the anthrax letter that killed the editor of that Florida newspaper that was about to publish nude coffin homosexual pictures of Bush and his brothers in Skull and Bones. (FBI shut down that whole paper after the attacks. Soviet Style USSA!)

2. Colin Powell's little vial of fake anthrax powder he shaked dramatically at the United Nations in the drum up to attack Iraq.

3. Saddam's handgun (if it actually is Saddam that is).

4. perfumed love letter correspondence between Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe and George W. Bush, both of Skull and Bones same cohort and very 'close' since then.)

5. The pickled head of Ronald Reagan, stolen from Reagan's tomb by other Bonesmen and donated to the library.

6. lots of false books packed with bricks of cocaine to make those hard days in the library stacks more enjoyable for any researchers there.

7. John Poindexter, head librarian.

Weapons of mass Deception! 12.Jun.2004 14:18


And a book of evil that teaches how to hate other people in the world because of the color of their skin.

Why do you think the cover of the book is black!

Could it represent the darkness of people and their willingness to kill others for power and greed?

+ 13.Jun.2004 20:59


gijoe comix

Location of The GW Bush Library 27.Apr.2006 05:01

Un-named Government Source

Generally the library is located on a University Campus. George went to Yale. I don't think so! He could donate the ranch, live there on the Governments Nickle and write that off on his taxes. The rumor is it's going to be at Baylor. But wait, George is not a true Texan.