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Bush nominated for World Stupidity Award

US President George W. Bush has been nominated for Stupidest Man of the Year along with rival John Kerry and deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein at the upcoming hotly contested World Stupidity Awards.
The Stupidity Awards recognize "achievement in stupidity and ignorance" and take place at the world's largest comedy festival Just for Laughs this July in Montreal.

Anyone can now select nominees by voting at www.stupidityawards.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.stupidityawards.com

This is hilarious! 11.Jun.2004 14:56


Guess who I voted for!

He's got my vote!!! 11.Jun.2004 20:30


Very good!!!! This will be the ONLY vote $hrub will get from me.
Hmmm,should be a landslide!!!!!