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Songun Politics in the DPRK: What is Songun?

DPRK propaganda praises Songun as the greatest politics and Kim Jong Il as a perfect statesman. This is no surprise as all KCNA and NDFSK reports are fabricated as ordered by Kim Jong Il and his top aides. But what is Songun really like?
What is Songun?
Songun literally translates to "military first". This means the military and all partisans who support Kim Jong Il receive benefits, while Kim Jong Il enjoys a life in luxury. Because of the Songun military build-up there are not enough resources to feed all people. Therefore the government channels the food (even food aid) to those people who support the government. The others are discriminated and suffer from starvation. (1)

What about Juche?
Kim Il Sung died in 1994. And with Kim Il Sung the Juche-style socialism and all its achievements are gone. Kim Jong Il destroyed the inheritance of his father to keep his power. He replaced Juche-style socialism by Songun-style militarism. In no socialist nation the son inherited power from his father. In no socialist nation there is a personality cult as in the DPRK. The election results in the DPRK (ridiculous 100 % for Kim Jong Il) are fixed beforehand.

What are Kwanliso?
Kwanliso are "re-education centers", the North Korean type of concentration camps. There are at least 5 such camps in the DPRK, e. g. in Haengyong and in Yodok. 200000 people are tortured and exploited as slave workers in these horrible camps. Most of them are political prisoners, who criticized the government, practiced a religion, tried to flee the country or similar "crimes". (2)

What about Human Rights in the DPRK?
The working masses in the DPRK have almost no rights under Kim Jong Il's Songun politics. Critical remarks will get a person into a Kwanliso together with close family members. There is no opposition or criticism allowed. The mass media are totally controlled and must only praise the government and criticize the USA. People have no access to independent information. To leave the country is persecuted as treason. (3)

Further information:
(1) Amnesty International
(2) Committee for Human Rights in North Korea
(3) United Nations Resolution on DPRK Human Rights

More Links on Songun-based human rights violations:
word games 11.Jun.2004 10:29


when I see "songun", I can't help thinking and seeing, "son-of-a-gun", or, less politely but perhaps more appropriately, "son-of-a-bitch"

probably korean for 11.Jun.2004 10:48


getting beaten relentlessly while standing in line for potatoes. fuckin' jong il.

i know what it means... 11.Jun.2004 11:47


"songun": son of a bitch, with a gun.

anyone whos propaganda photos consist of photoshopping people on top of a cool, mountainy scene as if he was zarathustra, but with a austin powers jacket.

caption for pic "look son, over there; take that radish from that skinny cripple."

I Will Have Formal Statement For You In the Next Few Days. 11.Jun.2004 11:55

. anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I will have a formal studyguide and response for you in the next few days, and will dissect in detail, all of your questions, including the supposed "Human Rights Abuse."

In Brief, a summary while you wait.

1. Songun Politics are NOT militaristic nor are they Militarism. They can not be equated on the same level as the US Imperialist "Military Industrial Complex". If fact to the contrary, they are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to such, on the most advanced level of any current anti-imperialist force. Essentially your arguement amounts to the liberal stupidity and revisionism of equating Fascism with Militant Anti-Fascism.

2. The Songun Politics are inconceivable without the Juche Idea. They also draw primarily, from the experiances of the Anti-Japanese Guerrillas and the Heroic Great Fatherland Liberation war, against the US Imperialists, under the guise of the United Nations. It is worth noting this very United Nation you mention, none other than a tool of imperialism, aside from allowing itself to be an agent for an unprovoked attack on Korean, killing more than 4 million, was behind the partition of Palestine, the genoicidal sanctions in Iraq, and has the nerve to condemn popular forces which demand to be independant, on any leve of its dictates.

3. Songun Politcs is more than a mere "People's Army", also its class charachter is much differant than the charachter of a Bourgiesie Imperialist Army.

4. The Worker's Party of Korea, has a higher per capita involvement from the masses, even to this day, than any socialist party in power in history.

5. The Tanean Work System is a far cry from the stalinist burocracy which was later replaced by revisionist burocracy. In fact in is overwhelming more localized and work-place democratic, than anyother model, showing the vitality of Juche, and that Juche is as alive as ever, under Comrade Kim Jong Il.

6. The need for placing emphasis on the army, and the allocation of resources which are potentially draining for other areas of the infrastructure, are NECASSARY, VALID, and Effective. Furthermore, the blame lies on the US Imperialism not the DPRK. Would we fault the anti-fascist front against the Nazi's for allocating its primary resources towards defense and armaments, and not towards what amounts to the opertunism of Hippie Utopians? The DPRK has never recieved a non-aggression treaty from the US. It is a small nation, artifically partioned in two, by an invading occupation force, which openly declares its desire to NUKE IT, and which has had nuclear weapons pointed at Pyongyang for decades. Looking at things objectively if the DPRK were not an "army-based" socialism, it would not be a socialism at all, and if fact it would be a nation of slaves and REAL STARVATION, would exist.

7. All of the "Human Rights" Decrees you link to are, appeals from agents of Imperialism, who do this not only to the DPRK, but to every independance force, which does not fully revolved around the dictates of Finance Capital. If you want to believe the New York Times is more credible than the state paper of a Socialist Country, that says more about you, and the "anti-globalist" and "anti-war" movement in the US, were their is massive backwardsness, than it does about the DPRK, It leadership, or the Songun/Juche Idea.

I am rushed for time, and have a full length article I will post. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

P.S. Seeing how the US has more per capita prisoners than ANY NATION ON EARTH, why not start with an appeal regarding Mumia or the Anti-Apartheid (in the US not South Africa) Prisoners of War Fighters,etc, and not something you know NOTHING ABOUT (unless of course, you are in all propability a provocatour and intentional agent of US Imperialism.)

jong il 11.Jun.2004 13:07


mr. il will deserve his very long stay in hell, right next to the bastards from the west - hell is an equal opportunity employeer for all statist bastards, regardless of color.

and the us may have more people in prison than any other country - but all of NK is a prison jackass.

Every Day Is A Holiday In The DPRK! 11.Jun.2004 18:26

Happily Licking Dear Leader's Boots!

Number Two Item On Today's KCNA Newswire:

Commemorative Stamps Issued
    Pyongyang, June 11 (KCNA) -- The Korea Stamp Corporation issued commemorative stamps (a souvenir sheet, three sheetlets and a stamp) on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's start of work at the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK). Written in the upper parts of the souvenir sheet and sheetlet are Letters "Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il's Start of Work at the Central Committee of the WPK Juche 53 (1964) - Juche 93 (2004)."
    The sheet contains a stamp carrying a photograph of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il against the background of a flag of the WPK. Its lower part is framed with beautiful magnolias.
    The sheetlets contain stamps carrying photographs of Kim Jong Il in his office at the WPK Central Committee, examining a design for a grand monument to be erected in the revolutionary battle site in Samjiyon and going down to a deep underground cutting face of the Komdok Mining Complex by a pit car.
    There are also stamps carrying photographs of Kim Jong Il inspecting a frontline unit post and going round a new minor power station in Jagang Province.
    Seen on a separate stamp are letters "40th Anniversary of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il's Start of Work at the WPK Central Committee" with a flag of the WPK in the centre and on its right side Kimjongilias and the Tower of the Juche Idea.

What is Songun? 12.Jun.2004 04:59

short version

a load of nonsense. spam on the wire.

Impatiently waiting for your response on DPRK human rights violations 14.Jun.2004 08:56

Songun Politics Critical Support Group (US)

Dear Sir or Madam (anti-imperialist-society),

I'm looking forward to get a serious response on human rights violations in the DPRK.

In the meantime let me provide some comments on your summary:

1. Why almost from the beginning you comment on the USA? This is a trick that is often used by the DPRK media. You avoid telling us anything factual on the DPRK. Instead you write "but in the USA this and that is even worse . . .". The politics of the USA is discussed and criticized in many forums. Let's focus only on the DPRK here and don't mention the USA.

2. The DPRK media like to quote the United Nations, Amnesty International and other international organisations whenever they criticize the USA. But they condemn the same organisations whenever they criticize the DPRK. These organisations are trusted by almost all nations and people in the world. These organisations were not involved in the aggressions in Iraq and Palestine; they criticized this, but were not able to stop it. Also in Korea the United Nations were only involved when Seoul and large parts of the Republic of Korea territory was occupied by the DPRK People's Army.

3. Just to claim to be socialist or anti-imperialist does not make a good politics. Anti-imperialist militarism is still militarism. Or in other words Kim Jong Il's militarism and human rights violations are bad no matter which justification he finds for it. It is bad, because the North Korean people suffer from it. The DPRK army is indeed massive and consumes resources, which could better be used to feed the starving people. The people in North Korea have no freedom to dissent or to travel abroad.

4. Did you ever think about this: What is the key difference in the politics of George W. Bush and Kim Jong Il? Bush knows that if he continues a politics that the majority of the US citizens do not like, he will not be re-elected. Kim Jong Il knows that as long as the top military and top partisans support him he could continue with a politics that the majority of the North Korean citizens does not like. The people in the DPRK have no choice anyway.

5. KCNA only reports positive news about the DPRK and criticism on the USA and other countries. KCNA did not mention the Ryongchon train disaster for more than two full days. Only when Chinese and other news agencies reported the tragedy, then KCNA briefly mentioned it as well. Do you think this is trustworthy? US newspapers often exaggerate headlines to increase sales, but they dare to criticize the government. Anyway there are so many different newspapers in the USA, that you could choose the paper appropriate to your political opinion. Did you see one article from KCNA or a DPRK newspaper, that dares to criticize Kim Jong Il?

6. Human Rights Violations: Simply answer this single question
(I read that question in David Hawk's report, but never saw any answer to it):

>>> Why does the DPRK not allow Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the United Nations, the European Union, Christian Churches or similar organisations to visit the prison camps as described by North Korean refugees? (Details and satellite photographs are summarized in  http://www.hrnk.org/hiddengulag/toc.html) <<<

Please provide your detailed answer and your study guide on DPRK human rights violations here on this page. I'm looking forward to read it. But please save us from the usual KCNA/NDFSK propaganda spam.