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Looking for progressive dialup to use while travelling

Traveller seeks progressive national/regional ISP for travels around the west
Nice new laptop... very useful as a doorstop if I can't log in! At long last I will not have to sponge off of friends' incredibly slow dialups on ancient computers, where it takes me 15 min to download one email, then it crashes...

What's a good ISP to use? I know I can do it with aol, earthling, mindspring, etc., but is there a progressive one? (I used to have IGC, but it got borged).

Also, how much are wi-fi cards and how useful are they reallyin 2004?

Many thanks,

spiretech 11.Jun.2004 12:42


well, we use spiretech for our ISP because we didn't want to use aol or whatever shit qwest dsl wanted to shove down our throats.
wireless cards are only $30 to $50, and i'm pretty sure you need that to hack into someone's wireless network to highjack a connection, which is always fun by the way.

check this 11.Jun.2004 22:27


Check scn.org. It's free, has dialup, and telnet access. It's volunteer run, slow, but works.