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Dead Terrorist's Body Dragged Through the Streets by Gunmen

It's all right here:

nice 11.Jun.2004 01:45

you fucking idiot

Whether you like Reagan or not he was the President of the United States. The same country which fought for your privelige to be so ignorant of that fact. Are you from an impoverished background? Were you even old enough to vote when Reagan was running for office? I would assume not from your inflamitory statements...
You are just hopping on the whole generation X "we dont care about anything but what's fair" bandwagon. Meanwhile your parents are probably paying for your college education at some super liberal school while you sit and type tripe about one of the most popular presidents in US history.
I figure your some rich punk trustee kid because you'd have to have money to even start thinking the way you do! Most people who are poor are to busy looking for jobs than worrying about a president who's been dying for almost 20 years.

Pretty funny 11.Jun.2004 02:55


And a mighty big terrorist at that! Reagan would make Bin Laden or any of the rest of them look like small time.

I voted for Reagan, by the way. I've made a number of mistakes in my life, but I have managed to learn from them. If I had known then what I know now, there would be no way I would have touched him with a ten foot pole.

Reagans a big scumbag. He's not as bad as Bush though. Bush is the worst I've ever seen. He's worse than Hitler. Hitler could give a good speech. Hitler believed in what he was doing and meant what he said. Hitler looked out for the German people. He had a better staff too, some sharp guys. He had a good wife in the end. He had a good dog too, a real man's dog and not that whimpy little thing Bush carries around.

No, I didn't vote for Hitler.

thanks for the post! 11.Jun.2004 03:07


this is totally brilliant! I totally agree. It shows that Reagan fundamentalism is just as much a crazy idiotic dangerous jihad as any other! And the troll above seems to be just a crazy fundamentalist of a supporter--exactly what you are implying with these captions.

popular? 11.Jun.2004 12:05


"about one of the most popular presidents in US history"

looks like you're the fucking idiot "nice". what exactly makes you say this? fox news told you? did you live through reagan? he was popular, unpopular, but to say one of the most popular ever is ridiculous. you know why? here's why: people say lincoln was one of the most popular too. but that is a lie. he is popular NOW, on accont of statist textbooks justifying the northern war of aggression against the south. lincoln was NOT popular when he was in office, quite the opposite. there were draft riots in every major city in the north. the man was a avowed racist. he was NOT popular. idiotic assholes like "nice" completely misrepresent reality when they say reagan was one of the most popular presidents ever. he was not. unless you are an asshole, like "nice", or a rich dick, in which case anyone who let's you make more money off of poor people is very popular.

Reagan's legacy 11.Jun.2004 13:17


"And a mighty big terrorist at that! Reagan would make Bin Laden or any of the rest of them look like small time."

And, of course, without Reagan, Bin Laden would have been small time; and there wouldn't have been a Taliban or an Al Queda.

"people say lincoln was one of the most popular too. but that is a lie. he is popular NOW"

Yes, and thanks for reminding people. It is often the case that the most hated presidents of their time (Jefferson, Truman, Lincoln to name a few) come to be revered afterward while the most loved in their time tend to be lost to history. It is not an absolute, but it is an interesting trend.

Unselfish military 11.Jun.2004 13:41

Eddie Estes

After seeing those pictures and the comments with them
I have a few comments.
Our guys and girls in the military are really unselfish.
They not only risk their lives for the people who appreciate
them, they do also for the idiots in our country like the ones who
have the above website.
Without these "gunmen" and ones like them you idiots would'nt have the right
to say your garbage.

the fight for freedom 11.Jun.2004 14:12


The questions is:

Who asks the military to risk their lives, and why?

Is it truly unselfish to kill people for the profits of those ordering the war?

No one has yet shown how the military protects the right of people to say whatever they want. It's rhetoric without any basis in reality. We have freedoms in this country because we rose up against our occupiers and because some of us continue to fight for those freedoms today against those who would take those freedoms away. That is the history of this country. Let us pray we never lose sight of that.

re: unselfish military 11.Jun.2004 14:18


"Without these "gunmen" and ones like them you idiots would'nt have the right
to say your garbage. "

Oh yes, we forgot. If not for our wonderful military, the vietnamese wouldn't have stopped at S. Vietnam, oh no.. they would've marched all the way to portland. And the folks from Grenada would've been taking over texas, and the Nicaraguans would have invaded Washington! Yes, you see... our military protects us from evildoers like them (and not to mention the Iraqis with their nukes and ICBMs...), and without them everybody (including Canada! ye gats!) would be attacking us and imposing a military dictatorship in the U.S.

A military dictatorship much like the one Bush et. al [with help of the US military, police, FBI, and John Poindexter] seem to be attempting to create.

Just a though for you 12.Jun.2004 14:17

Eddie Estes

I'll make this simple for the relatively enlightened here.
Ever heard of these lovely guys called the NAZI's or the British
in the 1700's or the Civil War or the Islamic facist that you have today.
Who were the ones that handled these problems.
For the slow ones here:

Right On 12.Jun.2004 14:19

Great title and pics

To Nice and Eddie;
What rights do we have that are being protected? Try to have a demonstration, pass out flyers or hang posters and see for yourself how many rights we have. Do you think we truly have free speech? If you think the above rights are free and we are able to do them, your blind to the reality of this country we live in.
And no, I dont appreciate some rapists and murders going overseas and killing people and say they are doing it for me, you sick psychotic patriotic fools. Get a look at whats really happening and get a grip.....

that's not a thought; this is a thought 12.Jun.2004 14:59


It's a regurgitation. Since you seem to be projecting your slowness and ignorance onto others I'll help explain, for the benefit of others, of course.

"Ever heard of these lovely guys called the NAZI's"
Yes, they were able to succeed militarily thanks to handouts from US corporations such as Ford and GM, and bankrolled by such individuals such as Prescott Bush. Without that support it is unlikely that the US military would have ever had to get involved in WWII. And although it seems certain that the US hastened the end of the war in Europe, it is by no means certain that the US was necessary to defeat the Germans (though it would have meant that the Russians would have more than likely controlled more of Europe and Asia, which was unacceptable to the US).

"or the British in the 1700's"
Well, see, what you have hear is not a "military". It was a provisional army, a militia. Jefferson among others never wanted this country to have standing army because such an army could be used to fight for the benefit of the aristocracy instead of the people. Seems like he was on to something.

"or the Civil War"
Once again, until WWII the US did it's best to reduce the standing army during peace time. The civil war was fought by elements of that army, on both sides of the conflict.

"or the Islamic facist that you have today"
Funny you should mention that since your efforts seemed to be to defend Reagan. Yet, you bring up the Islamic fundamentalists whom Reagan called his "freedom fighters". These "freedom fighters" financed, armed, and trained by the US in the 80's under Reagan included such individuals as Osama Bin Laden, and those who would later form the Taliban and become members of Al Queda. In other words, much like US corporations financing and armimg helped the Nazi's in the 30's, US government and corporate financing, arming, and training in the 80's under the Reagan administration has helped the Islamic fundamentalists become a military force that now needs to be dealt with. Without Reagan, Osama Bin Laden would never have amounted to anything; he would have few followers and no means to carry out attacks. Now that's something for you to think about.

Eddie, I can tell by your responses that you're not listening. You are unable to understand the lessons of history. That's ok, though I feel sorry for your lack of knowledge and wisdom, by remaining ignorant you also will remain impotent as the rest of us work toward a country that does not fund, arm, and train those who might later use that funding, training, and weapons against our country.