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FOX news: FBI Warns of Eco-Terrorism Threat for June 12

This article seems to have a lot of the text of the FBI warning to be on the lookout for suspicious activity leading up to the global day of support and solidarity for Free Luers.
WASHINGTON The FBI warned law enforcement agencies of the potential for
criminal activity in response to a call for action in support of a
convicted eco-terrorist, according to the weekly bulletin issued by the
agency and obtained by Fox News.

"Supporters of anarchist and convicted arsonist Jeff Luers (search) have
designated Saturday, June 12, 2004 an 'International Day of Action and
Solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers,' alternatively entitled 'J12,'" the FBI
said in the bulletin.

"J12 events are planned in Eugene, Oregon; Olympia, Washington; San
Francisco and Modesto, California; Lawrence, Kansas; Morgantown, West
Virginia; Worcester, Massachusetts; Portland, Maine; and Lake Worth,

Luers is from Eugene, Ore. According to the FBI, he is widely celebrated
as a martyr within anarchist and extremist animal rights and environmental

On June 16, 2000, he was convicted for his involvement in an Earth
Liberation Front (search)-style arson at a truck dealership and an
attempted arson at an oil company in Eugene. He is serving a 22-year
prison sentence the longest, according to the FBI, ever handed down for
eco-terrorist actions in the U.S.

The ELF is a radical group of environmentalists that has claimed
responsibility for various acts of arson and vandalism and is listed as
the FBI's No. 1 domestic terrorism priority.

"Luers' notoriety could potentially inspire autonomous ELF cells to carry
out symbolic actions in solidarity with Luers against traditional targets,
such as SUV (search) dealerships, lumber logging facilities, and
residential construction sites in environmentally sensitive areas during
J12 events," the FBI noted.

"While the FBI has no specific information regarding planned terrorist
actions to coincide with J12 events, law enforcement officers should be
alert to indicators of possible terrorist planning, including suspicious
surveillance of targeted industries, such as SUV dealerships, animal
research laboratories and construction sites," the FBI said in the

The Earth Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for a string of
arsons in Detroit, Philadelphia and San Diego, where a fire last year
destroyed a 206-unit apartment complex under construction, causing $50
million worth of damage.

homepage: homepage: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,122290,00.html

Disclaimer 11.Jun.2004 12:40

Faux News

Use of the term 'ecoterrorist'... generally serves as a pretty good indicator that this particular article is a piece of shit and is so biased as to be nearly useless.

duh 11.Jun.2004 13:36


of course its total bollocks, but isn't it just a wee bit informative letting us know how serious the facists believe a few scattered protests are? They're putting on a brave face and rounding up those who disgree but it must mean alot to the emporers when a man can have his life boxed in for burning a few lousy smog belchers...

Next: Strikers = Economic Terrorists 11.Jun.2004 23:51

Fellow Worker

It's only a small step to broaden eco-terrorist to economic-terrorist

Number 1 domestic priority? 17.Jun.2004 21:50


That's pretty much bullshit. We've got terrorists in America. That's a given. But the #1 priority is a bunch of college students lighting stuff on fire? What the hell?! There's gotta be worse terrorist groups to crack then this ELF.

Like Greenpeace! ;)

Agreed. 20.Jun.2004 05:48


The Number 1 domestic threat has never been responsible for a single death? What is that? What about say, the KKK, or the Paul Revere Society? groups that actually kill people should probably be regarded as more dangerous.