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The Daily Poetry Movement

Corn Cake by Ariel Dorfman. When the old lady in this poem is reflected to have never had known there were people like them in this world, she could be reflecting not only on the soldiers who tortured her and disappeared her but on Reagan, Helms, and Bush, who actively funded the terror. In the name of terrorism they fought terrorism. And awarded it!
Corn Cake

My old lady had nothing
to do with any of it.

They took her
because she was our mother.
She knew nothing
I mean nothing about nothing.

Think about it.
Even more than the pain
think how amazed she was.
She never even knew
there were people
like them.
in this world.

Almost two and a half years
and she hasn't come back.
They came into the kitchen
and left the kettle boiling
on the stove,
When the old man came home
he found the kettle
steaming on the stove.
Her apron was gone.

Think how she must have
looked at them
for two and a half years,
how she must have . . .
think about the blindfold
coming down
over her eyes
for two and a half years
and those same men
who shouldn't be in this world
coming toward her

She was my mother.
I hope she never comes back.

This poem is written by Ariel Dorfman who has taught at Duke University and is an exile from Chile after the massacre of the native poulaces in the name of Democracy and Capitalism. In the name of Democracy and Pepsi, Salvadore Allende was excuted from office under the tuttalge of Helms. Helms later recieved a medal from Ronald Reagan, despite Helms having served time for his lies to congress about his actions in chile.

Helms is a criminal who has served time for these actions and recieved a medal for these same actions. Burn in hell Ronald Reagan! BURN IN HELL, you slimy child murderer! You killed the innocent and awarded the guilty, may rot in filth!