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Better than Reagan's freshly rotting corpse

it's time to gather around and discuss where we're heading

We, if you aren't already aware, are a local collective looking to spread like the alzheimer ridden cells in the Gipper's cerebellum.
We love you.
We've always loved you.
And now we're ready to move forward.
Let's get together and gather ideas, creation, art, and life.

Free living for all.
Free music.
Freed thoughts.
Free video.
Free arts.
Free words.

We embrace a city which can lead by example to all in this collapsing nation. We want to establish a true collective which survives on one another's strengths and weaknesses. Working together we can be something wonderful... more than we already are.

We want to be you and want you to want us.


Conservatives need not apply for the revolution.

homepage: homepage: http://www.salvationinc.org