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Creator of Linux moving to Pendleton, OR

Linus Torvalds, creator of the anti-capitalist computer operating system "Linux" will be moving to Pendleton with his family this summer.
KATU reports that Linus is shopping for cowboy hats and spurs for his family's relocation. Linus is moving to Pendleton to be closer to the Open Source Development Lab, a project that develops and promotes open source technology.


Let'er Buck!
Portland 10.Jun.2004 22:33


It's Portland.

What's the difference? 11.Jun.2004 07:33

High Desert Hippie

Two Oregon towns that start with "P", end with "D" and they have an "L" in the middle.

Pendleton ends with a "D"? 11.Jun.2004 08:57


Pendleton ends with a "D"?

I hope Linus 11.Jun.2004 09:12


reading this thread.

Not anti-capitalist 11.Jun.2004 11:50

Bison Boy

Describing Mr. Torvalds' work as anti-capitalist is not accurate. Plenty of capitalists are capitalizing on his work, they're just obliged to do it in a different way than traditional software companies, because of the General Public License that governs the code's distribution.

Free software is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways to a variety of ends. It is not inherently anti-capitalist, although it could certainly be used that way.

(And welcome to Portland, Linus!)

It USED to be "Penletond" 11.Jun.2004 13:02

Blue Mountain

The town was originally called "Penletond" after a prominent 1800's trapper. Unfortunately, Henri Penletond was a notorious Indian murderer and the Umatilla threatened to burn the town to the ground in 1842 if the city wouldn't change the name. The city fathers were concerned about the cost of changing city signs, but realized that simply moving the "D" to the middle of the name would solve the problem. Hence, a major Indian war was avoided and the modern name of the town was born. It is unknown what became of Henri, but many suspect he later settled in the outskirts of Pordlan -- but that's another story.

Maybe more than you think 11.Jun.2004 13:14


One of the cornerstones of capitalism is copyright protection. The GPL (and other copy-left licenses, to varying degrees) turn copyright on its head. While the GPL may be embraced for "free market" purposes, it clearly threatens the hegemony of established "capitalist" institutions. "Capitalism" and "Free Market" are hardly synonomous terms. While the GPL may not be a specifically anti-capitalist tool, it certainly functions as such and strikes fear in the hearts of such uber-capitalist (fascist) groups as software giants and the "entertainment" industry.

GGGGGGGGGGGGGG 12.Jun.2004 19:37


copyleft is just a particular utilization of copyright. facism is different than capitalism. expand your vocabulary and stop parroting what you hear and think for yourself, if ever so slightly.

let er buck 27.Oct.2004 16:31

shawnamagna86 shawnamagna86@yahoo.com

what does let er buck mean? where did it come from?