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Chimp Alert

Bush visits the NW next week.
KOIN just announced that Bush will be visiting Spokane and Ft. Lewis next week.
well then! 11.Jun.2004 01:35

Black Block Ewok

lets give him a grat big cascadia Un-welcome!

P.S. has any one noticed how his visits around here seem to becomeing further and further away from centeral public transportation? Just thought that sux why he cant just stand in pioneer square like kerry, I dont like kerry but still Its kinda funny how bush has to hide from the folks in the low non-suv tax braket.

Please refrain from using animals (chimps) 12.Jun.2004 11:12


as a way to describe morally corrupt and stupid humans. We are trying to close a primate center in this city, and fighting people's perceived notions about the worthlessless of animals is part of that process. Surely you can come up with human perjoratives to describe Bush.