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New York, New York: apathy and activism

"Howard Zinn spoke on the Friday evening and was featured on the first page of the program drumming up the growing surge of anti-Bush sentiment"
Bohemian rhapsody: Our man in New York

Ian Rocksborough-Smith

The Lower East Side is no longer the progressive bastion of counter-cultural expression that it was in the 1960s, nor the vibrant working class community comprised of Eastern European and Puerto Rican migrants that formed its milieu in the mid-20 th Century. In fact, the shops that line lower 1 st, 2 nd and 3 rd avenues and St. Marks Street cater more to the tourist crowds wanting to buy provocative t-shirts that read "I went to fuckin' NY" or "I love this fuckin' city" - understandably, locals tend to stay clear. On most nights, you can find the small street-level pubs, bars and restaurants packed with trendy suburbanites who've driven into Manhattan from New Jersey in their latest SUV duds.

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