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News on court case concerning Straw Devil, Borg, Clark, Solo and Prior Timber Sales

Court decision results in temporary protections for several timber sales.
A court decision this morning affecting Straw Devil, Prior, Clark, Borg and Solo timber sales has resulted in temporary protections for these areas. Federal judge King ruled in response to ONRC's amended complaint on the Survey and Manage lawsuit that logging plans within these sales will be put on hold until at least august 11th until oral arguments concerning the case will be addressed. So in effect these sales have been put on hold until the middle of the logging season.

This is good news, but let's not forget these sales could be logged later in the season if an unfavorable ruling enables logging plans to proceed. Let's continue to work to protect these areas of ancient forest.
and remember 10.Jun.2004 23:06

a wind in the branches

don't forget that the logging season doesn't mean a damn thing anymore. They will come in in the middle of winter if they have to. All it takes is a special permit that is easy to get. Also, with the general warming situation of the planet the winters sometimes ain't as bad as they used to be. Hell I remember when i was a kid getting iced into our house for about two weeks. But henyways, what i mena to get across is that it is futile to trust the "flogging season" schedule, they can and will cut at anytime.

later, keep up the good deeds, aristotle would be proud