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Ronald Reagan, Not What he Seemed To Be

No Mr. Reagan and other presidents are not persona they are made to appear by the national medias. Read on, the walls of lies come tumbling down!
Ronald Reagan, Not What he Seemed To Be!
By Michael Treis

This article is NOT intended to be a review of the book, TRANCEformation Of America, by the former mind control slave of CIA Project Monarch Cathy O'Brien. It will however be the primary source for research in this article. Her chief deprogrammer was Mark Phillips, an authority in the US CIA mind control programs MK-ULTRA & MONARCH.
Ronald Reagan as many presidents is not what he seemed on the surface. All we ever see of these people is the persona put forth by the media. Ronald Reagan was no different except in one aspect, he was a veteran actor and a master of the art of presenting the character he wanted portrayed.
In respect to the mind control programs of the CIA Mr. Reagan had admittedly seen How to Divide a Personality & How to Create a Sex Slave films used in the training of handlers of mind control subjects.
Mr. Reagan did not perceive the use of mind control subjects as wrong or as slavery. He used them as curriers, sex slaves, and messengers. Although this is afar from the public image of not only Reagan but any president's image ever presented. Yet all the presidents from Johnson to the current President "Dubya" Bush have used these mind controlled individuals according to, not only these authors, but also others that have surfaced on this subject.
Reagan's view the use of these tormented, controlled individuals lives as an "opportunity for those who otherwise would have nothing in life." Senator Robert C. Byrd was the chief pimp that introduced Ms. O'Brien to President Reagan. He also "spoon fed" Regan cocaine prior to sexual liaisons on occasion.(1)
Ms O'Brien was used as a currier directly to Manuel Noriega of messages directly from the president as well as a drug courier. O'Brien was on occasions tortured by Noriega's Lt. Col. Michael Aquino as part of the traumatization programming of Monarch.
Regan had directed a film produced by his "chief pornographer" Michael Dante' in the St. Thomas US Virgin Island a beastility film. Bestiality were, according to these sources," Uncle Ronnie's favorites".
Reagan approved of using O'Brien for "hands on" military training by Aquino on numerous military and NASA instillations, as his "Presidential Model" of a mind controlled slave. Numerous governmental and military individuals at these instilations repeatedly abused her.
So you will understand I am not just picking on Reagan, after Aquino finished O'Brien was placed back into Dick Cheney's control. Dick Cheney first meetings with Ms. O'Brien were while he was White House Chief of Staff under President Ford. Later his "Most Dangerous Game" was held numerous times at his hunting Lodge in Greybull Wyoming. Ms. O'Brien and others were stripped naked, and hunted by Cheney and friends with dogs. (3) After being cornered and captured to the hunters went the prize of brutalization and sexual gratification of their trophies.
Ronald Reagan was not the first president to use and abuse Ms. O'Brien nor was he the last.
President Herbert Walker Bush was noted on numerous occasions as having sex & sodomizing O'Brien's young daughter and used mind control drugs and electronics to reinforce his trauma. It is therein stated "Dubya" Bush the then Presidents son had no desire for Ms. O'Brien but only for her young daughter. After several of these Bush encounters Kelly need medical attention. (4)
Cathy O'Brien's 30th birthday meant her soon termination as a slave. It was Reagan that had the distinct "privilege" of deciding she was to be "blown away in a snuff film" by pornographer Michael Dante'.
It was Mark Phillips that rescued Cathy February 4th, 1988 at age30, her daughter Kelly was then 8 years old. Rescued from a life that from the earliest teens was filled with sexual abuse from local congressmen her father, to in latter years presidents, congressmen, senators and world leaders.
CIA mind control projects MK-ULTRA, MONARCH and others, have well documented through Congressional Hearings. Projects that tortured drugged and traumatized the victims to compartmentalize the brain. Virtually creating multiple personality disorder within the person. Inserting in the various compartments behaviors. Behaviors they modified. Using themes ranging from The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, Lord Of The Rings and religious as controls. Controls that triggered behaviors, sexual, seductive, passive, aggressive, silent, and a broad range of emotional states.
They could be then used to as couriers, to deliver programmed messages, drugs, money, with no memory of the events if need be. The original concept of a " Manchurian Candidate" an assassin without knowledge of his actions before or after was one of the intended goals and successful goals of these programs. Surely you aren't na´ve enough to think all the "lone nuts" that kill important people or people it would be inconvenient for the government to have around just pop up.
No they don't. Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, Mark David Chapman, the DC snipers all had handlers that made sure they were in the right place. Some had CIA connections, some had been conveniently in intuitions. MK-ULTRA worked with institutions such as mental hospitals, college hospitals, and was later linked with cults such as Jonestown.
Our leaders Reagan included are not what they are portrayed as by the controlled media. There games afoot we have NO knowledge of until it's too late. There are people in high place with absolutely no accountability for their wrong doings. Until we are mad enough with these criminals to take our country back from them and bring them to trial for their crimes, they will continue unaccountable.
Below is a PARTIAL list of some of the people that are named as sexual abusers of Cathy O'Brien and her daughter not already mentioned. You should read TRANCEformation Of America and a new Book on the same subject Thanks For The Memories, by Brice Tailor. They will leave no doubt of the high crimes by unaccountable individuals that are portrayed as just wonderful like Ronald Reagan. Open your eyes.

Named as government related sexual abusers by Ms. O'Brien

CIA operative Ken Riley
Philip Habib
Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburger
Baby Doc Duvalier
CIA operative Jimmy Buffet
Alex Houston
Then Sheriff of Youngstown, Ohio Representative Jim Traficant
CIA operative Jack Green
Former President Gerald Ford
CIA operative Dennis DeLaney
King Fahd of Saudi Arabia
CIA operative Jose' Busto
Senator Allen Simpson (WY)
Hillary & Bill Clinton
Senator Arlen Spector
Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua)
CIA director Bill Casey
Mexico President De la Madrid
Senator Patrick Leahy
"Govenor" Mellon (of the Mellon Banking family)
Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

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