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9.11 investigation

The Coming Terror: A Call To Mobilization / 9-11 Phase II Presentation

May 28, 2004 presentation by Webster G. Tarpley, followed by a panel discussion including Ralph Schoenman, Michel Chossudovsky and Carol Brouillet. mp3 format recording of the Guns & Butter show, aired June 9, 2004; 59:53 runtime, 24Kbps
Webster Tarpley
Webster Tarpley
Government ghouls like Ashcroft and Mueller are telling us that another major terrorist attack is imminent. Webster Tarpley discusses the risk of near-term terrorism in the context of the historical record. He's inclined to make predictions, and the panel discussion that followed his talk offers well reasoned framing for how to look at all these government and media personality threat warnings.

Anyone in the 9-11 Truth Movement will find this talk fascinating. It will likely leave people who are new to the subject baffled given that it focuses on current events without extensive introductory review of the history of US-sponsored state terrorism (the presentation is only about 20 minutes long). For newbies, an earlier talk by Webster Tarpley, given at the Phase I 9-11 conference offers further context on how Tarpley arrives at his conclusions:


More info on Tarpley can be seen here:


You will be able to find more audio on 9-11 at www.radio4all.net Use the search engine.

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