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June 12 Day of Solidarity for Eugene Political Prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers

7PM at the WOW Hall, 8th Avenue and Lincoln, $5-$50 sliding scale
Contact: Break the Chains, PO Box 12122, Eugene, OR 97440 (541)343-7828 breakthechains02@yahoo.com


A Native American (Din?) traditionally influenced, high-energy, politically driven group comprised of two brothers and their sister. Born into the heart of a political land dispute area on Black Mesa in the Navajo Nation, this Family's powerful music reflects the Hopes, Freedoms, and Barriers of today's world.

Blackfire's style comprises traditional Native American and Punk with strong sociopolitical messages about government oppression, relocation of indigenous people, eco-cide, genocide, domestic violence and human rights.

Ramona Africa
is the Minister of Communication for the MOVE Organization and has been a committed MOVE member for numerous years. She spent seven years in prison as a MOVE political prisoner and is one of two survivors of a Philadelphia police assault in 1985 which killed 17 people and burned 200 neighbors out of their homes. Since her release from prison she has been working for the release of other members that are serving sentences.

Kevin Price
is a MOVE Supporter who started doing work for Mumia and MOVE political prisoners at the age of 14. On his 18th birthday he moved to Philadelphia to be closer to MOVE, and he started working in the office of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal. He is publisher of the Friends of MOVE newsletter.

Claude Marks
is the Project Director of the Freedom Archives, based in San Francisco. He is a former political prisoner who served time for a conspiracy to break two Puerto Rican and Black political prisoners out of Leavenworth. While incarcerated, Claude taught ESL, literacy, writing and history. Claude remains a prison activist and uses media to educate and to advocate for prison abolition and the freeing of all political prisoners.

E-MAIL: freefreenow@mutualaid.org