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FBI Warns of Eco-Terrorism Threat On June 12

WASHINGTON ? The FBI warned law enforcement agencies of the potential for criminal activity in response to a call for action in support of a convicted eco-terrorist, according to the weekly bulletin issued by the agency and obtained by Fox News.
"Supporters of anarchist and convicted arsonist Jeff Luers (search) have designated Saturday, June 12, 2004 an 'International Day of Action and Solidarity with Jeff 'Free' Luers,' alternatively entitled 'J12,'" the FBI said in the bulletin.

"J12 events are planned in Eugene, Oregon; Olympia, Washington; San Francisco and Modesto, California; Lawrence, Kansas; Morgantown, West Virginia; Worcester, Massachusetts; Portland, Maine; and Lake Worth, Florida."

Luers is from Eugene, Ore. According to the FBI, he is widely celebrated as a martyr within anarchist and extremist animal rights and environmental circles.

On June 16, 2000, he was convicted for his involvement in an Earth Liberation Front (search)-style arson at a truck dealership and an attempted arson at an oil company in Eugene. He is serving a 22-year prison sentence ? the longest, according to the FBI, ever handed down for eco-terrorist actions in the U.S.

The ELF is a radical group of environmentalists that has claimed responsibility for various acts of arson and vandalism and is listed as the FBI's No. 1 domestic terrorism priority.

"Luers' notoriety could potentially inspire autonomous ELF cells to carry out symbolic actions in solidarity with Luers against traditional targets, such as SUV (search) dealerships, lumber logging facilities, and residential construction sites in environmentally sensitive areas during J12 events," the FBI noted.

"While the FBI has no specific information regarding planned terrorist actions to coincide with J12 events, law enforcement officers should be alert to indicators of possible terrorist planning, including suspicious surveillance of targeted industries, such as SUV dealerships, animal research laboratories and construction sites," the FBI said in the bulletin.

The Earth Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for a string of arsons in Detroit, Philadelphia and San Diego, where a fire last year destroyed a 206-unit apartment complex under construction, causing $50 million worth of damage.

Fox News' Anna Stolley contributed to this report.

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Hah 10.Jun.2004 04:19


They can't stop us... no matter what spin they try.

We are the freedom fighters and resistors to their corporate paradigm.

We are many, we are earth's legion... we are strong.

Let them come for our individuals... we shall fight as a group and we will win... we have won in the past and we will contine to resist.

We are the brothers of the wolf and the proctectors of the leviathian from the harpoon...

We are the many and we are strong!

Bring it on!

It's hard being green 10.Jun.2004 08:04


GREEN alert! GREEN alert!

Let's see we have RED alerts and ORANGE alerts and YELLOW alerts...now a GREEN alert. All we are missing is a BLUE and VIOLET alert and then we will have a rainbow. Maybe ASHCROFT just missed out on grade school fun. Someone give him some finger paints...let him have some fun!

Do not worry about them and their fucking bullshit 10.Jun.2004 10:11


Dont worry about them. They are spreading fear and trying to quell the international support for Free. The events planned are very much public and out there. Of course, anyone can participate in the day but the thrust of it is public and open events.

here are some of them. Please consider going to the huge Eugene event.
It should be great!

June 12 Events [Note-All events will take place on June 12 unless specifically stated].

United States:

* The Flagship Event is in Eugene, Oregon. Break the Chains and Free's Defense Network will be hosting a huge event at the Wow Hall, 8th Avenue and Lincoln at 7PM featuring Ramona Africa, Blackfire, Claude Marks and supporters of Free. Read details here. Contact:  breakthechains02@yahoo.com

* San Francisco, California- On Friday June 4th, the Autonomous Collective is hosting the Night of Support and Resistance to benefit Jeff "Free" Luers and other earth liberation prisoners. Followed by a spokescouncil in preparation for the Reclaim the Commons mobilization and the 'Free Free' state to be established on June 5th. Contact:  autonomous@mutualaid.org or 415-867-6362.

* Boston, Mass-On June 8th, Boston Anarchist Black Cross will be screening Green with A Vengeance and hosting a release party for political prisoner David Gilbert's latest book, No Surrender [Abraham Guillen Press-2004]. Former political prisoner Kazi Touré will be speaking also. 7pm at the Lucy Parsons Center, 549 Columbus Avenue. Train: Orange Line-Mass Ave. Bus: Route 1-Columbus Ave. View flyer. View directions Contact:  ABC-Boston@hush.com

* Cincinnati, Ohio- Cincinnati Anti-Authoritarians are hosting an event with a letter writing session, a discussion about Jeff's case and prisoner support in general. Details at www.freewebs.com.books4prisoners Contact:  thefemalespecies@hotmail.com

* Modesto, California- Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians will be hosting a benefit. Contact:  modanarcho@yahoo.com

* Fresno, California- Moving City Collective and Sierra Nevada Earth First! are hosting a film showing,discussion and dance. Locations to be announced.

* New York, New York- Local activists will be ticketing SUV's with global warming tickets.

* Lawrence, Kansas- Lawrence Anarchist Black Cross will be holding a rally in support of Free 1PM at the Douglas County Courthouse (11th and Massachusetts) and a screening of Green with A Vengeance at the Lawrence Public Library (7th and Vermont) at 4PM. View flyer here.

* Portland, Maine- Political Prisoner Night, 7PM at the People's Free Space, 547 A Congress St. #32. We will be showing the video "Green with a Vengeance" and discussing strategies for supporting Free. Contact: 207-879-2699 or info@peoplesfreespace

* Morgantown, West Virginia-This huge event starts with a free-to-all community dinner, then a showing of Green with a Vengance, an all ages show with the Law Biting Citizens, Without Eyes and ScuZard. After that, there will be a screening of the documentary, pickAxe and then an 18 and over bar encore with M Iafrate, Fairweather Fan and one band to be announced. View flyer. Location: 123 Pleasant Street Space. Contact:  georgewhayduke@hotmail.com

* Lake Worth, Florida-screening and benefit. Contact: Downward Mobility Po Box 961, Lake Worth, FL 33460 (561) 547-6686 or  littleprince1@juno.com

* Olympia, Washington- people are participating in World Naked Bike Ride Day in support of Jeff.

* Worcester, Massachusetts On June 18, Massachusetts Earth First! will be hosting an event at the Spacement [76 Harding Street]. The night will consist of Food not Bombs dinner, showing of Green with A Vengeance, discussion, and a big open mike and dance party. Food will be out around 6, film and discussion around 7 and party at 8:30. Contact:  anne@riseup.net


* Brighton, England- Brighton ABC will be hosting a fund raising roast dinner in the Cowley Club. We will be printing off leaflets and possibly having a window display in the Club and showing the video Green with a Vengeance. Contact:  genea@wildcat.co.uk

* Bradford, England is hosting a screening of Green With a Vengeance plus a benefit meal and talk about Free, plus prisoner solidarity in general at the 1in12 club. View flyer. Contact:  re-pressed@riseup.net

* Norwich, England- Now or Never magazine will be leaf letting about about Free at the Norfolk Anarchist Bookfair.

* Melbourne, Australia- Melbourne Anarchist Black Cross will be holding a international solidarity rally for Jeff, 11:30AM, Corner of Bourke and Swanston Street city [opposite Nike]. Contact:  abcmelb@yahoo.com.au

* Leeds, England- On June 20th, Green with A Vengeance will be shown as part of the monthly 'Incitement 2...' Leeds radical film showings. Ex-anarchist prisoner Mark Barnsley will be speaking at this event too. 7.30pm upstairs at the Packhorse Pub, Woodhouse lane,Leeds. Contact:  re-pressed@riseup.net

* Edinburgh, Scotland- On June 15, the Bilston Glen Collective will be organizing a solidarity action for Jeff outside of the U.S. Consulate, 3 Regent Terrace at 4PM and a screening of Green With A Vengeance, 8PM at The Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo Place. Contact:  krajmfink@hotmail.com

* Hull, England June 16: Film screening. Venue to be announced. Contact:  anarprisonersupp@hotmail.com

* Turku, Finland On June 5th, Palava porkkana [Burning carrot] will be hosting a benefit dinner and a screening of Green with A Vengeance and on June 12, activists will flyer about Jeff's case. Event starts at 6PM [1800] at Vanha suurtori 3. Contact:  digit@oikeuttaelaimille.net

* Oslo, Norway- Spis de rike ("Eat the rich") film club will screen "Green with a Vengeance" followed by "Those Sentenced at Gothenburg". Screening begins at 1900 at Hausmania cultural centre, Hausmansgate 34. Contact:  organise@hotmail.com

* Bialystock, Poland- Earth Liberation Prisoners-Poland will be presenting on Jeff's case at an Anarchist Black Cross conference.

* Edmonton, Alberta The Edmonton Anarchist Reading Circle is hosting a film screening at the University of Alberta. 6:00PM at the U of A International Center,90th Ave & 112th St, on the ground level of HUB Mall, approximately one block north of the U of A transit station. Admission by donation. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Contact: (780)429-3659 (a.k.a. (780)GAY-FOLX),  auroradunord@yahoo.com

Disclaimer 10.Jun.2004 12:10

Faux News

Use of the term 'ecoterrorist'... generally serves as a pretty good indicator that this particular article is a piece of shit and is so biased as to be nearly useless.

CORPORATIONS AND THE STATE are the eco-terrorists! 11.Jun.2004 03:24


CORPORATIONS AND THE STATE are the eco-terrorists!

We the people are calling them on their crimes that is all, and they hate being exposed for the crime lords they are.