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Come join us tomorrow as we cover/board up the Mural at Mirador. Due to Vera Katz and Clear Channel, 1st Amendment Rights are reserved for Media Corporations.
Be at Mirador for 2:00PM to lend your voices to the resistance!
Caption and Photo from Original Oregonian Article
Caption and Photo from Original Oregonian Article
The Mural Is Going Away.. (somewhat!)

We are sad to announce that the Mural at Mirador, (located at 2106 S.E. Division St. In Portland Oregon) is being partially boarded up/covered on Thursday, The 10th of June, at 2:00PM PST to meet with city code.

You are Invited to join us to make this an occasion of celebration of the beleaguered 1st Amendment. Please come down and voice your opinion, and have a wee rant and howl to honor art, and the community spirit of South East Portland (The Peoples Autonomous Republic of Portland)

We want you to know that resistance is not ending. We are pursuing several different options, including a possible legal challenge if need be. You can help!

Keep up the pressure, let Vera Katz Mayor of Portland, and Clear Channel know what you think of their efforts to stifle 1rst Amendment Rights for Artist, Small Business and the Private Citizen.

Please Visit our Website to view more Information including email addresses of Vera Katz, and Clear Channel Executives and their local Office in Portland as well...  http://www.rowantreearts.com/save_the_mural.htm


Gwyllm Llwydd

homepage: homepage: http://www.rowantreearts.com

The city Censors 10.Jun.2004 12:22


Its an odd thing to see tyranny so blatant. I do think that art is cool to see.

Bad art is even good for the soul.

So what can be done to break the hold and to turn the tide?

Perhaps if the city is violating civil right you could bust out and create your own city?

That would be cool. Dump the bad city.

first they pave paradise . . . 10.Jun.2004 18:27


went down to bare witness to this crime against community, it was so sad. we need to come together as a community to take back our power --and our art!

what about the walgreens? 10.Jun.2004 19:04

southeast artist

I know this issue was asked in a previous thread on the topic, but i either missed it or there wasn't a resolution. I'm wondering what's up with the mural on 39th and division that was JUST PAINTED??? (its at that walgreens, or rite aid, or whatever that store that i don't shop at is...) But, how does that work that they can put up a brand new mural but mirador has to cover their beautiful artwork? I'm assuming that it has something to do with big chain corporation vs. small business, but if someone can clarify i'd greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance....

Why Rite Aid Can Have A New Mural 10.Jun.2004 20:47

Lynn Hanrahan lynn@mirador-pdx.com

Yes, it is very strange that at 39th & Division there is a new mural and at 21st and Division a mural is being covered up. The reason for this is that in the 1996 the City of Portland lost a lawsuit to AK Media ( now Clear Channel) over AK wanting to put more billboards up in Portland. The city said no, AK sued and AK won. In the settlement, murals were put into the sign code. Basically , the court agreed with AK Media that the City of Portland had to regulate murals and signs the same due to free speech issues. Any existing murals were grand-fathered as of 1998 which is the case for Rite Aid. There was a mural there that was painted over a few months ago with the intent to paint a new one. As long as the space is not blank for more than 6 months, it is grand-fathered. Thus they have a new mural now. That is why the mural on the 22nd street side of the Red & Black Cafe is fine; it pre-dates this mess. Some other murals and large painted signs downtown also pre-date this settlement. The settlement has kept us from having more billboards in the city but also has put a lid on murals for over 5 years.

city ordinance 10.Jun.2004 21:00


"tyranny in action"?

"crime against community"?

overheated rhetoric, don't you think, for a city action that was openly debated in city council chambers and voted on by a democratically elected city council. You may disagree with the sign ordinance, and I certainly encourage you to fight it.

But tyranny and crime? Please.

murals everywhere? 11.Jun.2004 05:02


maybe its time to give the city
"2, 3, many murals..."

on places like city buildings.