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Phony Air Attack in Washinton DC


Boss its the plane.
Your little buddy
Your little buddy

Who would guess the orchasrtated would continue the state of terror in law makers minds. I wonder is homeland defense now a military dictatorship which is now engaged in a mind control operation or is it just the republican and democartic parties on a shinny city on a hill.
look at them run 09.Jun.2004 17:22

up at your service

Panic insues as fake terror alert given by your friends and mine- your Gov.
Scrambling at the capitol-via up
Scrambling at the capitol-via up

one time 09.Jun.2004 17:27

ex-dc resident

"Two F-15 fighter jets were diverted from an air patrol to intercept the plane."

Yes, as has always happened, except for this one time...

Government Condoned Panic 09.Jun.2004 18:06

North Portlander

I suspect that some visitors to the Capitol were probably injured in the panic surrounding this phony non-attack. "Take off your shoes and run!" they were told - and all because a private jet ferrying some politico to the Reagan memorial service neglected to remain in contact with air traffic controllers.

I just love the way we've turned a bunch of paranoid Chicken Littles.

Spot the hoax... 10.Jun.2004 05:02

Tony Blair's dog

"The governor's Beech King Air 200 had permission to fly into the restricted airspace but briefly lost its identifying transponder signal 13 miles southwest of Reagan National Airport..."

This was appearently another little excercise to keep people
afraid and edgy.

Two things...

1. A plane does not just "briefly lose" it's transponder signal.
You have to dial in a four digit code to do that. That can be done
by the pilot or someone from the ground taking over the control
of the plane in case of an emergency.

2. Even if the transponder signal is shut off the plane is still
visible on the radar screens of the flight controllers.
The only thing that changes is that the plane does not
show its flight id number with the plane.

Dictatorship rearing its ugly head 10.Jun.2004 07:36


You should have seen the faces of the "other" fat cat politicos when they heard secret service agents worrying that their precious Hillary Clinton needed to be secured and screw the other less important senators.

The real terrorists are going hard and strong in their only arena of import and that would be the legislative branch of our former Republic.

Turnabout Is Fair Play 10.Jun.2004 09:55


Six years ago: America Standing Tall
Today: America Running Scared

hehe! 10.Jun.2004 16:43

this thing here

very good point "ex-dc resident"!