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Was Reagan a good president.
So far "yes" is at 65% so get on over there folks. Also, read some of the comments. Here's one I copied and pasted:

As far as "ignoring AIDS" goes, I think the "blame" should be on the people who spread the disease by their actions, not on a US President. Come on!
people who refuse to learn the history 09.Jun.2004 13:29


Don't worry about the comments. If people are unwilling to honestly appraise the history of this country they're not worth wasting time or energy on. People in this country are not educated about the histories of AIDS, US involvement with Grenada, Panama, Libya, Nicaragua, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Colombia, Guatemala, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and more, the numerous wall street scandals, savings and loans, CIA drug running, the war on the poor, massive financial debt, all throughout the 80's. To be fair, it's a lot to learn and remember. But without learning from this recent history and where it has brought us in the world today, we cannot avoid the same mistakes in the future. Teach those who show an interest in learning; don't waste time with those who don't.

Blame the victim 09.Jun.2004 13:35


That sound about right.

KGW Poll 09.Jun.2004 18:25

Cheney Watch

The only poll I found was "Who was the greatest President?" It's in tiny type that you can hardly read and the only choices are:

Roosevelt (I assume they mean FDR - stupid that they wouldn't qualify it)

This presupposes that Reagan is among the top five American Presidents in history, an assumption I would dispute.

When I tried to vote, I got a message that said "There was a problem processing your request. Please try again later"

Here are the poll results as of 6:15 pm, with only 255 voters:

Washington 9%

Lincoln 44%

Roosevelt 20%

Kennedy 11%

Reagan 16%

This poll can be found at:

good president 09.Jun.2004 22:12

no such thing

Its odd that the best presidents cause the most carnage.

I wonder why that would be?

How many peace memorials have you seen lately?

Our holidays revolve around marters, mass murderers, dead pawns, and the people who labor.

Interestingly things maybe better now than in the past.

they changed it 10.Jun.2004 01:51


sorry they changed the poll to the who's the greatest President. The next poll will probably ask: "Who did more for civil rights, MLK or Reagan?" Bury that rotting corpse already.

presidential comments 10.Jun.2004 15:37


as for the worst presidents i thought the following rant from a friend of mine was worth posting. enjoy! even if it is horribly depressing...

Like ... says, I am generally for limited government, and basically every president last century and so far this one has been bad. I am no fan of Reagan. His expansion of drug war was terrible and his expansion of the deficit, increase in military spending (and every other kind of spending including education, public health care etc.) is all crap. The reality is these massive hidden and not so hidden costs of these policies ultimately will be passed down to taxpayers, mostly through inflation, which supposedly he "cured" from carter, but really he just redifined and delayed a little. The resulting taxes and inflation, have made all real incomes grow slower or even shrink in relative terms, resulting in less people being able to afford good health crae and hosusing in the first place. So I am certainly no Reagan fan.

That being said - this does not even hold a candle to FDR or to Wilson.
here is why i think FDR is the second worst president.

He instigated a war against Japan, by cutting off their oil, then let them attack us at pearl harbor.
He interned a hundred thousand Japanese Americans, and didn't even bother to assert a charge or reason other than their skin color. Tens of thousands of germans and Italians had the same done.
He openly praised stalin's social programs and tried to implement as many as he could here with the same effect, namely the continuing of the depression. He exits the depression by drafting all of the unemployed.
He misused the "patriotism" term even more than Bush II suggesting that if you didn't buy war bonds you were a nazi sympathizer. (Although that could be coming for Bush II)
He sent an entire boat of jews back to hitler, rather than granting them asylum.
He lied to the polish uprising, telling them to revolt, while simultaneously telling Stalin that he could have 1/3 of poland's land during the occupation in exchange for doing all the dirty work on the eastern front. He did this for polish american votes, posing for reelection pictures with the poles after having already made his other decision. He made no attempt to top Stalin's subsequent slaughter of the poles even though Stalin's entire war effort (by this time) was support with US money. He packed the court with non-constitution abiding judges, allowing the federal criminal crimes concept to expand to where it is today (beginings of the drug war). He probably didn't forsee this but he still put in every single judge that made it so.
He ordered the firebombing of dresden specifically, although i must admit it is better than churchill's first plan which was to anthrax the city.
He ordered firebomings of citys in germany and japan.
He initated the manhattan project.
He demanded unconditional surrender ensuring that more casualties of civilians would occur in their states than necessary.
He literally confiscated all private gold in the country, making him the largest single gold theif in history.

Wilson is number one because
He violated neutrality in WWI, assisting the british in their mass starvation of the German women and children. This resulting in german retaliation of unrestricted sub warfare, which sank the Lusitania, full of unknowing US citizens floating on top of an armerment shipment to engalnd.
He instiuted the income tax illegally (the 16th amendment was never properly ratified) and even if it was legal, it has since been the principle source of income for the US military expansion.
He assisted in creating the federal reserve which has since caused (i should say exacerbate) two depressions and has led to an estimated 99% devaluation of our currency since. It also handed complete control over the nations monetary system over to a privately held bank cabal. When no one would accept the crappy federal reserve notes, he made it illegal not to, which is why it say "legal tender" on your "money" now.
He arrested one of his presidential opponents (debs) in 1916 election for being "anti-war and a communist" This would be akin to GWB arresting ralph nader for being anti-war.
He arrested antiwar protesters wholesale and blocked their use of the US mail (obviously unconstitutional even then)
He insisted on unconditional surrender of germany (actually he allowed france and britain to do so) leading to the condition which caused hitler's rise. He may not of caused it be he certainly didn't help. We shouldn't have even been their in the first place and just let the french and germans settle and back out with face saving.
Also the whole concept of spreading democracy to the world with a wildly expansive military comes directly from him, which is why his speeches sound exactky like Bush II and Bush I for that matter (new world order is a direct reference to the league of nations)

Based on these actions by FDR and wilson i think they are worse than Reagan. I could put a simialr litnay for reagan, like creating the taliban, while simulatenousely fiting the drug war. or killing sandanistas, grenadians (is that right for granada?) iranians (he completely supported saddam I in the use of chemical attacks on Iran. But those sort of things, have been done by every president in the 20h century bar a small few early on. this is why i think they all suck for the most part. So my factors are innocent body counts, damage to civil rights, and growth of warfare welfare state in that order. Wilson was the worst, FDR second. Reagn in the top 50% but not much higher than that. Cool Cal bearly killed anyone, did nothing signifcant to damage civil rights, and and did not increase the size of the miltary or taxes. Plus he was cool, becase he refused to talk other than in two and three word sentances, but even with that was very frinedly and down to earth, and apparently wicked smart as well.

One point for wilson, he did veto prohibition but it passed by supermajority so he was overrulled, so i guess that was cool. Aside from that every thing I hate about Bush II (who i thik is far worse than reagan already) was done already by wilson and FDR and to exceedingly greater extent to which comparison back to Bush II seems almost futile (So far...but give Bush II time he may get their yet).

Very Low Reponse to the Poll 10.Jun.2004 22:55


Results as of this evening:

Washington 8%

Lincoln 39%

Roosevelt 22%

Kennedy 13%

Reagan 17%

817 Total Votes

This is a pathetic turnout! And, yes, it does seem strange that -- with the exception of Kennedy -- the only choices seem to be wartime Presidents. I assume that the Roosevelt they are talking about is FDR and not Teddy. Yet Teddy Roosevelt presided over the flowering of the progressive era and a remarkable amount of good happened during his time as President. Why isn't he being considered? I wrote to KGW and asked why they had limited the choices to five and which Roosevelt they were talking about. No reply. The results of this poll are going to be influenced by the age and the persistence of the people who respond.