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Mike Dee Speaks From Jail

I hope to see you at my trial or out in the forests
Hi folks, this is Mike Dee in Clackamas County Jail urging you to do what you can to continue saving the forests. I will be here until my June 23rd trial because I stood up with others for the forests at the solo timber sale, and Judge Thom ordered that I remain in custody until trial, even though by that time I will have likely more than served any sentence that might be imposed.

My trial is at 9:00 am on that date in the Clackamas Cty courthouse, 807 Main Street, Oregon City, and I hope to see you then. Please don't bail me out or put money on my books. Look for CR 03-11198, State v. McMullin for the court assignment on that day.
Arrested Again? 09.Jun.2004 13:26


HOW and WHEN did you get arrested Mike? And if you are in jail, how were you able to put this on Indymedia?

response to MM 09.Jun.2004 13:44

stu blc@hevanet.com

hi MM,

My trial was scheduled to begin this morning. I was arrested this morning when I showed up (on time) for trial. Instead of a trial, I got arrested and the judge set a new date of 6/23 set for trial.

I write to you through my friend, stu sugarman, who prefers to deliver messages from those of us in jail in the first person (meaning directly from me, instead of inflating his own involvement in my message). Stu "signs" such messages with him email address,  blc@hevanet.com.

Unfortunately, I do not have internet access from "inside" the Clackamas County Jail, but if anyone could arrange this, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for your questions.

Hang in there Mike 09.Jun.2004 14:04

the part-time perfectionist

Mike - you are missed. Stay in touch with us through your intermediary.

what are the charges? 09.Jun.2004 15:48


what is he being charged for?

Mike! Not again.... 09.Jun.2004 19:36


Wow, I didn't even know you were in there this time. I think they like you. You know, this is going to go down on your Permanent Record (echo echo echo).

Seriously, though. We're with you, as always. See you on the 23rd. (Man. You have no idea how many times the words "mike Dee's court date" have been scrawled across my calendar....) Keep up the good work.

Where Is Mike D? 09.Jun.2004 19:37


I checked with Clackamas County jail - they said Mike is not there. Has he been released?

Found Mike 10.Jun.2004 09:22


Checked with CCJ again this AM - Mike is there - apparently they had not processed him yet when I called yesterday. The charge is failure to appear. Thought he had appeared since he was arrested at the court house. Stu - can you explain?

change in date 10.Jun.2004 10:37


please update us with any date changes to the trail day incase they chose to move it again. ive got a vw bus if any one would like a ride.  tessabird@comcas.net

Hi Mike 10.Jun.2004 12:49


Thanks for what you do Mike Dee!

stay strong 10.Jun.2004 13:10


Yo Mike, stay strong in there and keep up the important work.
Smash the state for its dipshit pettiness, if nothing else.

More popular than Reagan 10.Jun.2004 15:12


Am new to Portland so who is this Mike Dee dude and what has he done to have such a following?

DUDE! 10.Jun.2004 15:35

daves' not here

Dude D, how can we write to thee? Got an addy where we can send a postcard or somethin'?

Who is Mike D 10.Jun.2004 15:49


from the beastie boys 10.Jun.2004 17:38


Mike D from the beasties.

we love you Mike D!! 10.Jun.2004 18:28


cant wait to have you back with us!!

CCJ Info 10.Jun.2004 20:25


daves' not here - if you want to send mail to Mike address it to:
Michael McMullin
C/O Clackamas County Jail
2206 Kaen Road
Oregon City - OR 97045
Phone number for visiting hour info-etc. (503)655-8331
Let him know we will be at the Clackamas County Courthouse on the 23rd to show our support.

Everyone Breaks the Law 11.Jun.2004 15:02


I read the article that Patty wrote that is about "WHO IS MIKE D?" It makes Mike look like he is some god. I can understand if the letter was written to a judge, but the letter really doesn't describe who Mike really is. I personally don't know Mike D. I have seen him at a meeting and protests, but that's about it. We should all support ANYONE who is in jail, but to make someone look maybe different than they really are is not the truth. I have to say I saw him get arrested at the rally for Perez. I did see him delibertly walk in the streets when the officer told him not to, and then he was arrested when he did it again. I think we all should of marched in the streets, but we didn't. Patty makes it seem like Mike obeys officers and the laws ALL THE TIME, but he doesn't all the time AND THATS OK!!!!!!! It's ok to break the law, cause the laws were made to be broken. I'm just saying, the article on him did seem a little to much on the he is perfect side, when in reality NO ONE is.

insight on perez march arrest 13.Jun.2004 22:19


I've wondered just how it was that mike d was arrested at the perez march. I was close by. What he did, did not appear to represent any particular threat or danger, but I was across the street, not able to hear what you say were orders issued to him not to step into the street. There was little traffic, and what existed had somewhat slowed out of interest in the proceedings. I just figured mike was arrested as a token gesture to placate certain individuals and demoralize others. I hope what mike did to get himself on the books that day was worth it. Guess I don't have enough info at hand to decide for myself, at the moment. mike d seems to try do the right thing though.