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Another site bites the dust

... or so it seems.
Memorial Day Doonesbury
Memorial Day Doonesbury
On Sunday 30 May 2004 the often political cartoonist, Gary Trudeau, published in 'Doonesbury' a list of the 800 servicemen and servicewomen that have been killed in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. At the bottom he cited www.lunaville.com (should have been  http://lunaville.org ) as his source. This is a site I had been watching for months, but after that cartoon it's disappeared with the usual:

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

One has to wonder, what the hell happened to it? Any ideas?

dunno... 09.Jun.2004 10:39


but there is google cache.

 link to

.com 09.Jun.2004 10:41


www.lunaville.com has the casualty statistics.

They CHANGED Their URL 09.Jun.2004 11:54


here is their NEW home page:

cryptome 09.Jun.2004 13:48


cryptome.org is another site that has excellent info. the casuality statistics often conflict with lunaville. most likely because they include afghanistan as well.


Afghanistan casualties **also** covered by 'lunaville' (old name) 09.Jun.2004 19:45

new URL

here is the NEW Operation Enduring Freedom U.S. casualty count:

(it's linked at the bottom of the Iraq Coalition Casualty page)

Other casualties in Iraq 10.Jun.2004 02:24

Squirrel of the Apocalypse

"also" covered 10.Jun.2004 09:53


then why do the numbers conflict for every single month?

luna cryptome
from 3/03
65 59
73 92
37 31
30 26
47 42

i dont get it?

why are you asking us? 10.Jun.2004 19:45

check out the differences

between 'lunaville' and 'cryptome' for yourself, in their sources - methodology - tabulation

get a clue 11.Jun.2004 12:19


methodology? wtf? a dead soldier is a dead soldier is a dead soldier. they both get the info from the DoD. i checked out the sources, you moron. and thats why i asked the question. my buddy "new url" seemed to think that afghan war dead are included on icasualities, which they are not, at least not in the same graph as iraq dead.

here is (luna's) own words for their methodology:
There is no magic to coming up with the number of coalition dead from our war on Iraq . Our sources are not secret. In fact, our primary source is the U.S. government.

so why the descrepancy? i suggested it has to do with the fac that cryptome includes afghan war dead, but that doesnt jive with why the numbers would be LOWER. i cant help it if you cant see anything remotely worth discussing on that. why dont you go look at it and get back to me...