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Bush: The Anti-American Piece of Shit

Evil is as evil does.

Bush: The Anti-American Piece of Shit

A Voice of America

Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. (NASB) Matthew 7:15

You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes, nor figs from thistles, are they? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit; but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will know them by their fruits. (NASB) Matthew 7:6-20

Whether or not you are a Christian, these words spring from the truth of logic. They are an observation of nature as it is. That which is good, by nature, creates good and that which is evil, by nature, creates evil.

When a person loves something, he puts it before himself. He seeks the knowledge necessary to protect it and to foster its development towards the good. When a person loves only himself, he puts himself before everything else. His lot appears to improve while the world around him is poisoned by his deeds. In time, surrounded by a world of rot, even the person who loves only himself cannot survive for no man is an island and each man is dependent upon the good around him for survival. In a world turned to hell, even the leader of hell burns in flames.

And so has been the path of George W. Bush.

When George W. Bush took the helm of the state, America was well respected in the world. Our economy was good. We were finding our way out of national debt. Although not perfect, we could speak of human rights and castigate those nations that failed to respect the rights of the individual. Bill Clinton was not perfect, but the fruit he bore was not all rotten. The same cannot be said for George W. Bush.

Even before taking office, Bush, fully knowing that he was there to rob and pillage, announced that the economy, despite all appearances, was not good and that we were to expect a sagging economy. Of course, he did this to blame his future misdeeds on the previous president.

While in office, George W. Bush permitted the worst attack upon the citizens of the United States, in all of history, to occur under his watch. He not only failed to lift a single finger to stop the attack, but he took steps before it to ensure that it would succeed. He stopped the FBI from investigating his family friends, the bin-Ladens; he intentionally ignored warnings of coming attacks, protecting only himself and the members of his administration, and while the attacks were underway, he sat with school children, unconcerned about the attacks. None of this should be a surprise to anyone who actually knows George W. Bush. The sociopath knows that he does wrong but simply does not care, for he seeks his own benefit and the lives and concerns of others are nothing to him.

In our past, greater presidents taught us not to fear. George W. Bush ordered us to fear. In our past, greater presidents praised dissent as essential to liberty and democracy. George W. Bush warned us to shut up and threatened our personal lives if we did not shut up. Indeed, there are reports from those working within the White House that George W. Bush maintains a "shit list" and orders his henchmen to "fuck up" whoever gets on that list.

George W. Bush, in his effort to "fuck up" those who would speak the truth, committed treason when he exposed a CIA operative essential to national security in order to avenge her truth-speaking husband.

George W. Bush, in his effort to line the pockets of his ruling class cronies, has actively worked to outsource our jobs. His own gain outweighs the economic security of the citizens he is tasked to serve.

George W. Bush, the murderer of American soldiers, lacks the patriotism to openly call for a draft lest he fail to be re-elected, all the while he secretly plans one in the shadows. George W. Bush, the murderer of American soldiers, rewards those whose lives are put on the line for him by holding them as slaves, refusing to allow his soldiers to retire as promised. George W. Bush, the liar and thief, rewards American veterans by refusing to compensate them for their injuries and by refusing to adequately care for their injured.

George W. Bush, anti-American to the core, has placed himself above the law and deemed himself to be in the unique position among all of the world's leaders to order and approve of torture. He has sent out soldiers off to rape and sexually molest innocent persons held in foreign jails. He has destroyed the respect the world once held for our nation. Never before, in the history of this country, has a single man so horribly defiled the name and image of the United States.

George W. Bush is less than a man. He cannot even bring himself to admit the smallest of mistakes, let alone the larger. He points the finger of blame at others like a rotten school child implicating those around him for his own misdeeds. This man we call president does not deserve even the job of used car salesman, yet he sits in the White House, living well off of public housing while millions of Americans see their own earnings diminish.

George W. Bush, like all tyrants, cannot travel about or speak without legions of bullies to protect him from his own people. He has transformed out Secret Service into an enemy of the people. He has transformed our military into an instrument of domestic oppression. He has shat upon our Constitution, violated his oath of office and now shows signs of mental illness as he claims to be following the instructions of God himself. However, God himself would not inflict us with such evils. The fruit of George W. Bush is rotten to the core and certainly not the fruit of one that takes his instructions from God. Only one who serves evil could bring to us the humiliation and failure that he has brought.

This November you have a chance to remove George W. Bush from office.

He is loyal to his class 09.Jun.2004 14:12


Not to his country.

"Oh, The World Owes Me A Living . . ." 09.Jun.2004 17:10

Cheney Watch

He has no sense of fiscal responsibility. If he did, he would not be shamelessly mooching off of taxpayers every time he flies into a city to conduct a partisan political fundraising activity. Despite being repeatedly billed for using City services for non-public events, Bush and the Republican National Committee have yet to pay one red cent. The Committee plans its fundraising event schedule, then fishes around to set up spur of the moment short speeches and meetings with local brass in order to justify charging American taxpayers - of all political persuasions - for a majority of the cost of operating the Presidential jet, paying secret service and homeland security agents, and covering hotels, and related expenses. This, in a time when States, Cities, and citizens are suffering from a dearth of funds. With the heaviest fund-raising schedule of any President in history, Bush, Cheney and their campaigning contingent have socked it to us to the tune of millions of dollars already and will continue doing so until November. We should count ourselves fortunate that we do not live in Florida or some of the other states repeatly assaulted with exclusionary fundraisers.

In contrast, Democrat Bill Bradbury's campaign responded positively to the City's billing request and sent payment. And he lost his election bid. The winner, Republican Senator Gordon Smith, could not be bothered. John Kerry's campaign, contacted recently, promised to pay its bill when it arrived. Both have far smaller war chests and less money to fall back on.

This is "entitlement" in the evilest sense of the word and it goes on all the way up the ladder in the Bush administration.

this list 09.Jun.2004 22:43


the bellingham wa. police must have a shitlist of citizens from what ive seen .they are practicing covert actions (and not so covert actions).b(HELL) ingham indeed!.bushite nazis.a motorist went off on a cop and when he was 'subdued' (ironic ,because bellingham is known as ''the city of subdued excitement'' (!))a fireman on the scene yelled to the guy on the ground""keep you arm down ''OR I'LL STEP ON IT!!''. since when did good ole mr. fireman start acting like a storm trooper??FUCK BELLINGHAM POLICE AND ''FIRE DEPT'' !!!! YOU DESERVE DEATH AND ANY THING THAT COMES TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i love your article, pure opinionated speculation. and whether bush was a good president or not is irrelevant. the alternative is such a piece of shit (john kerry) that we cannot allow him to win. he will ruin our country and at the end of four years the democratic party will be apologizing to this nation for endorsing such a dickhead.

Afterthought 02.Apr.2005 05:52


Congratulations on the elections.