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The Daily Poetry Movement

Drinking with men from India I remarked, you know the caste system is alot like our class system. I don't buy into that shit. Like God made men born to rule and others to work. I don't buy that shit. Do you? They said, "no." I said is the caste system a lot like the class system? "You mean like Mexicans?" The mexican snorted. US liberal sweatshop religion...
Buying Power

In the commercials they show
Eskimos Buddhist monks and other ascetic natives
smiling over their purchases
as if they'd buy into our American mobile-money cult.
My curly haired friend mentions something about
the top 10% wealth holders.
I knew these figures roughly
but it's reassuring to hear he knows too.

He the son of a banker and
me the son of an ex-lawyer/accountant.
We both love our fathers and yes we like to
spend money.
He says also that Friday is Buy Nothing Day
as if one day could break the men
who make these commercials.

He tells me that in Sweden they don't advertise
to children-
it's illegal there. That I didn't know.
What kind of child would I have been there?


Hey Kittens: I am so sorry but I will not be able to post for the next two days. Feel free to post hate poems about me for slackin' on your shift when you needed to get shit read. I'd be there for you and all, but I am super duper power busy and I got to bustle thru it all. If you find you got the energy and the time, please post a poem most sublime. But if you is busy and think it is cheesy just write one instead. I am lovin you all, my little wonderous winners of the sperm race. Celebrate your accomplishments! (last one there is a rotten egg....)

Also my dear lovely cat pack, please remember that in Japanese culture the sun is female. Therefore it was female on female...not feminine and male.... think about it.... AND THE MOON IS MALE. So the male is waning and the female energy is gaining momentum in the time of the twin. Rise up, my beautiful ones, this day shall be ours to share! Glory be to earth in her utmost!

Also remember to return your library books. Also is it wrong to use a fake ID to get a library account? What would the true patriot do, I mean like the ones who wrote the constitution under King George? Um, just return the damn book and then decide!