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Florida's Elections Chief Resigns

Florida's elections chief resigns

Tallahassee, FL, Jun. 8 (UPI) -- Ed Kast, Florida's elections chief, has resigned his position just five months before the Nov. 2 general election, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday.

Kast will be replaced by Dawn Roberts, 41, who has been the elections department's general counsel since August.

In his resignation, Kast, 53, said only, "I find it necessary to tender my resignation."

A spokeswoman for Kast's superior, Secretary of State Glenda Hood, said he left of his own volition and was not asked to resign. The spokeswoman said he was leaving to "pursue other opportunities."
Kast took the position after the 2000 election debacle when President Bush won the state and the presidency by only 537 votes. A recount was halted by the Supreme Court, effectively giving the election to Bush.

Kast's resignation comes as scrutiny of the 2004 election process intensifies.

One issue is a list of 48,000 names identified as possible felons ineligible vote. Some county elections officers and many other critics question the accuracy of the list.

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