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Class pyramid

oh so perfect

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uy 09.Jun.2004 00:15


i am at the bottom ##@##@##@#!!!!!!!!

This picture doesn't quite fit 09.Jun.2004 04:31


You could mix and match people in, "We rule you", "we fool you", and "we feed for you". I think it's unfair to put religious people on the second level as, "we fool you". That level belongs to government bureaucracies, and it should be title, "WE SCREW YOU!!".

this pyramid is perfect 10.Jun.2004 00:53


i have always liked this piece.

my 'favorite' person on the pyramid is the guy at the 'we eat for you' level who is passed out at the table. kinda reminds me of george w. bush, er, BEFORE, he got 'sober'.

cheers y'all.