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Magana Trial: Day Two of Testimony

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The prosecution is laying out its case against a former Eugene police officer accused of sex abuse. Last Friday, the state put it's first alleged victim on the stand. Tuesday morning, witnesses who back up the woman's claims testified. Instead of moving on to the next alleged victim, the state changed course, calling to the stand, the lead investigator in the case, Detective Scott McKee.

McKee testified about how Roger Magana first became the target of a criminal investigation. On June 11th, 2003, a woman called 911 to report that Roger Magana showed up at her home in uniform, claiming to be responding to a noise complaint.

The woman says Magana grabbed her breasts and buttocks, and she claims he wanted to have sex with her. This wasn't the first encounter she had with Magana. The two met the year before in May, when he responded to her home because she was intoxicated and suicidal. On that occasion, the woman says Magana put his arm around her to console her, and kissed her.

Detective McKee asked Magana about both alleged incidents. In a taped conversation between detective McKee and Magana, of the first encounter, in May of 2002, Magana says, "She made a move at me... She reached out, 'Can I hug you? Can I hug you?' I go, 'Hey, you know, I mean okay, fine.' She made a motion to kiss me. It wasn't some mutual make out kiss type of deal."

Of the second encounter, Magana says, "She wanted me to come over. She wanted me to do that." He describes having to peel her hands off of him. He says, "I didn't touch anything intentionally."

Near the end of the taped conversation, McKee advises Magana to get an attorney. Magana then questions McKee about whether the outcome of the investigation will mean he'll lose his job, or whether he could face criminal charges.

On the tape, Magana asks McKee if he is being recorded, McKee says no. While it's not illegal in Oregon to tape phone conversations, the defense will point out McKee was not honest with Magana at that time.

The defense will not comment yet about whether Magana will take the stand in his own defense.

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