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Backers Want Reagan on U.S. Currency

Reagan isn't even in the ground yet and the Right wants him on both the Dime AND the $10 bill (or even better, the $20). And, of course, Rushmore, too.
Reagan Backers Want Hero on U.S. Currency

June 8, 2004

By JIM ABRAMS, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Ronald Reagan (news - web sites)'s enthusiastic supporters say the late president deserves a place on the nation's currency, even if it means a lesser or disappearing role for Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alexander Hamilton or Andrew Jackson.

Getting their hero's face on the dime may be easier than other goals, such as seeing it etched on Mount Rushmore, but that idea still will be resisted by Democrats defending their own icon, FDR.

Honoring the late president with new coins or paper money is only one of several ideas being advanced by Reagan admirers: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., has suggested legislation to rename the Pentagon (news - web sites) the Ronald Reagan National Defense Building.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., a speechwriter in the Reagan White House, plans to introduce a bill to put Reagan on the $20 bill, replacing another venerable Democrat, Andrew Jackson.

That would join a previous proposal, by Rep. Mark Souder, R-Ind., to provide for dimes bearing the likeness of Reagan.

The office of Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he would pursue an idea he has pushed for several years, placing Reagan on the $10 bill now bearing the visage of Hamilton, the first Treasury secretary.

Chris Butler of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, which has the goal of seeing a Reagan commemoration in every American county, said its top legislative priority is the $10 bill. He noted that money can be changed administratively without congressional action, and suggested that Reagan dimes could join, rather than replace, FDR dimes.

The Treasury secretary can change the design of coins, usually after consulting Congress, but spokeswoman Anne Womack Kolton said, "We believe it is premature at this point to discuss any possible changes to the currency."

Replacing FDR would not happen without a battle. Last November, on the same day Souder introduced his Reagan dime bill "in honor of his work in restoring American greatness and bringing freedom to captive nations around the world," Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., proposed a resolution affirming support of the FDR dime. More than half the House Democrats joined him as co-sponsors.

Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., said Tuesday a decision on a $10 Reagan note should be left to historians, adding that "the best tribute we could pay to him" would be fully funding research into Alzheimer's, the disease that afflicted Reagan the last decade of his life.

Reagan's wife, Nancy, has also voiced opposition to the new dime. Souder last December praised the "humble nature" of Mrs. Reagan's comments but said he would continue to promote his bill, which has the support of GOP leaders, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Butler, whose group is a wing of the conservative Americans for Tax Reform, pointed out that coins bearing the likeness of FDR and John F. Kennedy appeared within a year of their deaths. The Roosevelt dime came out in 1946, in part commemorating his support for the March of Dimes campaign to fight polio. The Lincoln penny was issued in 1909 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the president's birth.

Besides paper and metal, Reagan advocates have long pushed to see their champion honored more widely in stone. Butler said there are now some 54 highways, schools, post offices and other memorials to Reagan around the country, but that still pales in comparison with the more than 600 for Kennedy and more than 800 for Martin Luther King.

Up to now, the biggest victories have been the renaming of Washington's National Airport after the 40th president and the opening in Washington of the Ronald Reagan Building, the second largest government office building after the Pentagon. Last year the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was commissioned.

Still in the works is the idea of a monument to Reagan on the National Mall in Washington, deterred by a law signed by Reagan that bars new monuments until a person has been dead 25 years.

Similarly, it is the U.S. Postal Service's practice to honor a president on the first anniversary of his death. There's a 10-year waiting period before other deceased personages can get a stamp.

Then there is Mount Rushmore.

It will take a long time to study the geophysical and artistic feasibility of that project, Butler said. But "is he great enough to be on Mount Rushmore? Yes."


On the Net:

Ronald Reagan Legacy Project:  http://www.reaganlegacy.org/

homepage: homepage: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040609/ap_on_go_co/reagan_us_money_5

Here's a better idea 08.Jun.2004 20:49

Iranscam/Iraq gate

As a gesture of good will and international neighborliness the US should finance the national debts of both Iran and Iraq, and issue a new joint currency for both countries, called the "Ron". The new bill would feature likenesses of the late President Reagan bravely sallying forth to battle on horseback against an opposing cowboy,who is also Reagan.This would symbolize Reagan's generous military support for both countries as they battled each other throughout his Presidency. The "Ron" would be worth one-seventh the value of a US dollar, to recall the seven times markup on US weapons sold to Iran in the "arms for hostages" deals.

How About 08.Jun.2004 20:59


A wooden nickel, or a $3 bill? How about a Hanford monument sculpted out of nuclear waste?

Alzheimer's Foundation or Fund A Great Idea 08.Jun.2004 21:04

Cheney Watch

Tom Daschle has the right idea. Setting up a special fund or organization to promote Alzheimer's research in Reagan's name would be money much better spent. And it would be money from donors earmarked for the research, rather than our tax money spent to retool the dime or make new dies for a revised bill which we DON'T NEED.

These Reagan Legacy people are lunatics if they can't see the difference.

These people are sick 08.Jun.2004 21:11


First the airport in DC, then some freak in I think it was NJ, wanted to rename Clinton, NJ to Reagan. And Mt. Rushmore?

They don't know they are so transparent. The only reason people would need to try so very hard is if they are trying to cover something up. Yes, you heard me. Why hasn't anyone called them on this yet? There was so much criminal activity in the Reagan administration that they want to put up a thick smokescreen to cloud the historical truth. This is aggressive myth-making works.


I know you wish WE had alzheimer's, but we don't.

Wow, if we were to keep talking about what REALLY happened during the Reagan years, we'd have to come to the inevitable truth... that Republican administrations tend to be most criminal. I guess that's what you don't want to hear. It's pretty painful, isn't it?

I've got an idea. Instead of covering up lies, with more lies, why not just make the Republican party more honest, more humane? Why not make it better? Why not behave honorably (as much as a political party can)? Why not kick out the crooks? Why not make a party you can REALLY be proud of? Then you won't have to scramble around like frantic cockroaches making up stuff and harassing people of good reason to let you have it your way.

Don't Worry about Rushmore 08.Jun.2004 21:18


Well I would not worry about folks wanting to add Reagans face (Or Clintons, that was suggested when he left office) on Mt Rushmore.

The Mountain that those faces were carved on can not take the carving of another face on the wall of which it rests. Its too unstable and small to even add another face to it.

I agree with most people. Reagan should not be put on any more items.. You have a Airport, and an Aircraft Carrier. It is enough.

How about 08.Jun.2004 21:34


Reagan's mug on the face of the 30-year T-bill (when they start issuing them again, which they'll have to in order to underwrite Bush's deficits), in recognition of his trebling of the national debt?

Republicans want to replace him with Hamilton on the $10 bill 08.Jun.2004 22:34


OK...replace a modern republican with a Founding Father? Doesn't really make any sense to me. Maybe Clinton should replace Reagan on currency after he dies. After all, he was a better president than Reagan. It surprises me that they didn't want to replace Reagan with Jefferson, because he spoke out against his government.

Sound as a Dollar 08.Jun.2004 23:17


The replacement of, say, Andrew Jackson with "the Gipper" shouldn't be dismissed.

Reagan is an embodiment of the sojourn of a culture born of the Late Renaissance--of the colonial conquests of heathen lands by monarchies, papacies and their freebooting agents, of fevered sects and quests for el Dorado. He is the golden calf of a people formed by burning their bridges, intoxicated with hubris and manifest destiny. He represents a culture that believes that life ends at birth and resumes again after death.

Unless one has a fetish about the abstraction "The United States of America"--a floating crap game that reinvents itself, at the peril of all life on the planet, seasonally, there should be no objection to putting a new American "hero" on the money. Let him pleasant visage join those of the slave owners, the ethnic cleansers, butchers, generals and charlatans. If for no other reason than that we should have some grins on the money.
"E Pluribus Unum"

Just A Lot of Self-Congratulatory Hype 09.Jun.2004 10:28


Recall that some bozo wanted to patent the cliche "Let's Roll." How quickly that went down the memory hole.

Dog Track Ronnie Note 09.Jun.2004 11:16

Curious George

How about putting Ronnie on the two-dollar bill? His entire administration was one big gamble and isn't the two-dollar bill what you take when you go to the dogs?

FYI Jefferson is now on the 2-dollar note.

Response to "basalt" 09.Jun.2004 11:36

kleptocrat weswallace100@hotmail.com

Bravo, dude(?). You rock!

Kudos to "Iranscam/Iraq gate" as well.