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pretty much explains Reagan, as well as why Karl Rove has been heard to pip that George W. Bush is "Reagan 3."
America as a One-Party State: Today's hard right seeks total dominion--review of technique
author: prospect
We are at risk of becoming an autocracy in three key respects. Overall, what follows explains pretty well why even the shallow "dual party corporate state" of 'old America' is almost gone toward the one party apolitical Bush Reich, where even Republicans in the Republican party are regimented out of existence and are unable to partiicpate in representing their constituents.


Title: PENTAGON V NEOCONS: We are near a 'pro-USA' military coup against Bush. Be Prepared.
Author: various
Date: 2004.02.28 11:41
Description: PENTAGON V. NEOCONS: WE ARE NEAR A MILITARY COUP AGAINST BUSH. BE PREPARED. Yes, I know that sounds ironic, though this represents just how desperate the US military is to get rid of its Neo-con corporate parasites that are destroying the country and attempting to start WWIII. --- Colonel Donn de Grand Pre (ret), in his book, "The Viper's Venom" concludes that the 911 terror attacks were done by remote control technology. Grand Pre was the top US arms dealer to the Middle East under the Ford and Carter administrations. What he saw caused him to leave government service and begin investigating the forces he saw warping our nation's destiny. --- de Grand Pre, a retired Army colonel, is the author of A Window on America: Confessions of an Arms Peddler, and his latest, Barbarians Inside the Gates. --- the wars we have engaged in for whatever reasons since the end of World War II have not only been unconstitutionally waged, but have caused a net loss in political power. Each war was waged to divert our attention away from the true enemy within, and toward a contrived enemy outside our borders. --- "In his various interviews and publications, deGrand-Pre has called 9/11 "an administrative coup d'etat." He suggests the only way the neocons can be stopped is by a military coup d'etat, and estimates 70 percent of key military personnel are in favor of such a step. But the possibility is complicated, he says, by the large number of key military players who have gone over to the Council on Foreign Relations team. Some of these players, including three- and four-star generals, however, may side with the military while pretending to be on the side of the neocons. de Grand-Pre insists he is in personal contact with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."


WASH POST graphic on Bush funding patterns and crony patterns
author: incredible
One nation under TX and FL and the Bush family.
incredible family-only concentration


author: Spartacus
The map of where the voting machines are for 2004 is overlaid on a 10-region block area of predictable voting pattern demographics for the past 30 years. These 10 areas represent how the United States has voted in presidential elections, as blocks, in the past 30 years. This is information that would be common knowledge in any Bush 2004 planning team. What it shows about where the insecure, unverifiable electronic voting machines are: it reveals that Bush is out to get the 2004 vote in a very illegal manner. It reveals that the hideous 'war plan' of the Bushites Neo-cons in power is to introduce electronic voting machine technology only where it will assure a Bush win--in particularly crucial contentious areas—while leaving durable Republican-voting areas as low priority areas for electronic voting machine introduction.


Summary of Massive Criminality of Bush Administration: The 37 Court Suits/Crimes,are more?
author: update


Vote-Fraud Activist Athan Gibbs Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

book chapter: Drug Running Bush Family and their Fake War on Drugs: Police as drug pushers
author: tarplay
But the whole truth is much uglier. We have documented in detail how the Iran-contra drug-running and gun-running operations run out of Bush's own office played their role in increasing the heroin, crack, cocaine, and marijuana brought into this country. ...Documents found by Burdick in the Dade County land records office show that USA Racing, the company operated by Aronow which built the Blue Thunder catamarans for the Customs service was not owned by Aronow, but rather by a one Jack J. Kramer in his capacity of president of Super Chief South Corporation. Jack Kramer had married a niece of Meyer Lansky. Jack Kramer's son Ben Kramer was thus the great nephew and one of the putative heirs of the top boss of the US crime syndicate, Meyer Lansky. Ben Kramer was also a notorious organized crime figure in his own right. On March 28, 1990 Jack Kramer and Ben Kramer were both found guilty of 23 and 28 counts (respectively) of federal money laundering charges.


The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience
author: J Ninio
Article by the author of The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience, first published on CommonDreams and in Australia's largest newspapers.
The American people didn't know its troops abused prisoners in Iraqi jails. Ignorance. Officials who knew pretend they didn't know. Hypocrisy. The parents of soldiers say their kids were forced to follow orders. Obedience. Read on...


10 Points Why the Right Should Reject Bush
are they unable to see the devil staring right at them?


. 08.Jun.2004 19:25


Why the Right Should Reject Bush


a. troops report being given substandard equipment and lack of equipment when that is given;
b. troops are being used as governmental guinea-pigs in untested vaccines—vaccines sales enrich Bush Family;
c. Bush Senior did the same in Gulf War I: he personally made money off untested vaccines forcibly given to troops which left many troops incapacitated or dead—though Bush was richer. How many times is the Right going to be fooled by the Bush family?
d. Lied about the threat to the USA from Saddam: Bush attacks Iraq, killing gullible US troops, simply to enrich himself and his friends in oil contracts.
e. In short, he is murdering you, and you are asking for more? How gullible are you? Do you like being this gullible? Do you enjoy being lied to? Do you enjoy being manipulated?


a. political advisors for two generations have read Machiavelli's The Prince as the key to winning political power. This book recommends you lie to people to get power, particularly lying about a totally fictive religious background. The book recommends you use impious imposturing to gain gullible supporters.
b. Bush family are drug dealers. The Bush family has been the main drug dealing family of the United States for 30 or more years, through its CIA connections. Read book Dark Alliance.
c. Bush family and immoral Clinton family are good friends. Hillary Clinton, with George H. W. Bush, supplied illegal armaments to Iraq in the 1980s through Bush connected corporation LaFarge. Bill Clinton protected and sponsored Bush Senior's illegal CIA cocaine-for-armaments drop off stations. The main airports for this illegal Bush family operation were Arkansas, when Clinton was Governor of that state. Bush family and Clinton families are the same group of drug traders and cover up artists for over 30 years.
d. In 1989, George H. W. Bush and his son are pedophiles. George H. W. Bush was president when the story broke about pedophile 'call boys' being escorted through the White House in special midnight tours. [ The Washington Times] George W. Bush has been involved in similar shenanigans. Cathy O'Brien, ex-CIA, can vouch for George H. W. Bush being a pedophile. Her daughter was Bush's regular victim. [find her book Tranceformation of America and DeCamp's book The Franklin Cover-Up.]
e. Both George H. W. Bush and his son George W. Bush are Luciferians. They are members of the Yale University secret society club, known as 'Skull and Bones.' It's more official name is the "Brotherhood of Death" or "The Order," a male homosexual anti-Christian occult worshipping group that infests high politics in the United States. Skull and Bones, or the Brotherhood of Death, is Luciferian in its outlook. By the way John Kerry is Luciferian as well and a member of Skull and Bones.
f. George W. Bush had his cocaine possession charge stripped off his record. [ book: Fortunate Son ]. Other people serve jail time for this of course.
g. The Bush family has Mafia connections [find book: The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush ]. They looted your local savings and loans businesses in the 1980s.
h. Despite all the pandering about opposition to homosexual marriages, Bush and his father, as part of Skull and Bones initiation, were required to commit sodomy with their Skull and Bones 'brothers.' This was done in a coffin. And involved nude mud wrestling. According to Sherman Skolnick, he still regularly meets with his 'butt-buddy' from "Bones," Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe. Even Social Security members—who you would think had seen it all—have quit over Bush/Ashe open homoerotic behavior: they are tired of covering up and protecting them. They are disgusted. [www.skolnicksreport.com]. And see (d) above.


a. According to Republican Presidential "9-11 Truth" Candidate, John Loftus, George W. Bush's grandfather was the #1 American Nazi money launderer in WWII. He has the Library of Congress documentation. This was Prescott Bush, who was arrested under the Trading with the Enemy Act in 1941 and his assets were seized. Bush comes from a Nazi sympathizing Wall Street family. Look up his campaign, John Loftus '04, on the web and find out more. If you want to vote Republican and hate Bush because he is a parasitical liar, vote Loftus.
b. Bush Senior was appointed Representative for the United Nations, in 1970, by Rockefeller supported candidate Richard Nixon. Bush Senior went to China to organize some of the Chinese opium trades to the US.
c. Bush Senior was responsible for bringing in WWII European Nazi's into the "ethnic wing" of the US's Republican Party. Literal ex-Nazis were standing on the platform with Bush Senior in 1988 as he was being sworn "to protect the Constitution" in 1988. Yeah, right...
d. For 50 years, Bush Senior's CIA connections have supported the destruction of democracies and republics and ushered in military coups, secret governments, and state terror in other countries. Is the US next?
e. Is the Bush military stand down during the 9-11 attacks our American "Reichstag Fire" (which ushered Hitler to power in Germany)?
f. Bush has supported and passed both "Patriot I" and (in little pieces "Patriot II." Bush has removed your Bill of Rights, setting up further federal tyranny for the future against you. There is nothing more unpatriotic than this legislation, which should be repealed. Plus, it is unconstitutional.
g. According to the respected Burke's Peerage (the official British record of aristocratic weddings and lineages), the Bush family is related to English Royalty—the relations go all the way back to King Edward III in the 1300s. Tall lanky Edward III even looks like the gaunt George H. W. Bush. Edward III started pre-emptive wars without any cause, helping to bankrupt England in that period. The Bush family is a total globalist parasite on our body politic—and it has been on other states in the past.


a. George W. Bush has come out as being pro gun-control. So was his father.


a. George W. Bush oversaw biggest expansion of federal government in history, consolidating over 30 separate departments and adding more federal bureaucracy and federal budgets.
b. He still wants to remove one of the last bastions of republican government protections, the 'posse commutatus' protections (which means keeping federal military out of local police work).
c. Destroyed the Bill of Rights he swore to protect.


a. To fund his federal supremacy agenda, he has indebted the United States more than his father did.
b. Furthermore, he wants to take away your children's and parents Social Security (or your social security!) to fund his friend's corporations.
c. Takes taxes away... from the super rich... while actually expanding them for the working poor and the middle class. YOU pay for Bush's high life. Take the rich off federal welfare, like Bush.


a. George H. W. Bush claims to be a WWII flying ace who had to bail out once his plane caught fire over the Pacific Ocean. Actually according to other WWII pilots in the area, there was nothing in the way of danger, pilot Bush Senior only panicked and bailed out without cause, leaving his crew in the plane to die when it crashed into the water. Bush Senior however was saved and later ghostwritten books were made to talk about his 'patriotism.' Bush Senior only went into the Navy in the first place because his father was taking heat about being unpatriotic and supporting the Nazis during WWII. Bush Senior's father funneled money to support the German Reich. (see 3a)
b. And Bush Senior's son is carrying on the tradition... of lying that is. George W. Bush is actually AWOL from the Air National Guard. Plus to get into the Guard he scored a 26 out of 100 on the entrance test, he was still put ahead of other's more capable because of his family connections.
c. There has been lots of flack out there about a fake 'military president' who actually comes from a East Coast New England banker family and a coward's family, whose eldest son went AWOL, and whose grandfather money laundered and profited in WWII supporting the Nazis. That means the Bush family profited on killing US troops.
d. Bush's 1970s AWOL from the Guard was likely the result of novel 1970s tests the Air Force started requiring of all pilots during Bush's training: these tests were blood sample based drug tests. (see 2f)
e. The only rationale for Bush's family liking to go to war is that they make money when soldiers die--unimportant whose soldiers they use for the operation. They are for three generations complete amoral war profiteers in WWI, WWII, Gulf War, and Gulf War II. [ Kevin Phillip's _American Dynasty_ ]


a. Bush claims he has an undergraduate degree from Yale University. However, Bush actually failed the entrance examination, and was only pulled in on his father's connections.
b. Bush's claim to fame at Yale was that he was a male cheerleader.


a. Can you guess why?


a. Kerry covered up for Bush family crimes in the past, like keeping under wraps their BCCI 'terrorist bank' connections in the 1980s to the Bush family, which slightly is coming out in
the recent book _House of Bush, House of Saud_.

10 Points Why the Right Should Reject Bush
are they unable to see the devil staring right at them?