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Unlearning Internalized Homophobia: An Interactive Workshop for GLBTIQ folks

Sunday June 13 from 2 to 6 pm

Our intention is to create a safe space for queer
identified folks to begin a dialog that explores how
the messages we've internalized affect our lives,
relationships, and work. From this understanding we
will learn and share strategies for eliminating
internalized homophobia and heterosexism.
An interactive workshop for GLBTIQ folks.

Sunday June 13 from 2 to 6 PM
At SMYRC (2100 SE Belmont)Open to all ages

Brought to you by Portland Process Posse

From a very early age we learn overt and subtle
homophobic and heterosexist messages through
incredibly varied modes and mediums. These
accumulated messages often become unidentifiable as
they are incorporated into our very concept of self.
This workshop will make explicit these often
unconscious and unexamined messages through
presentation, large group dialog and sharing of
personal experiences in small groups. In the last
segment of the workshop we will begin to formulate
ongoing strategies for working with our internalized
homophobia and heterosexism.

Portland Process Posse arose out of conversations
among friends about our experiences of internalized
homophobia and the limitations of focusing solely on
external oppressions. During our organizing for this
workshop we realized that the most useful thing we
have done is to regularly name and explore these
uncomfortable issues with each other. We definitely
aren't professionals or counselors but we bring our
varied experiences and thinking to this workshop that
we hope will be as useful for others as this process
has been for us. As a group we hope to continue to
increase awareness about all the oppressive patterns
we've internalized in whatever way seems best.