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Mural Down Sizing

Mirador Community Store will be covering up 2/3 of the outdoor community mural on Thursday, June 10 starting at 2:00 pm. The owners Lynn and Steve Hanrahan invite all interested parties to come by and show support.
Contact: Lynn Hanrahan
Mirador Community Store
Kitchen + Health + Home
2106 SE Division Street
Portland, Oregon 97202
mailto: info@mirador-pdx.com



Portland, OR. June 7, 2004

The owners of Mirador Community Store announced today that they will board over 2/3 of their outdoor community mural. After receiving a second citation from the Bureau of Develpmental Services (BDS) for an oversized "sign"
in March of 2004, the store came to an agreement with the bureau to get a sign permit, cover up all but 50 square feet with painted plywood and become legal.

The boarding up is planned as a community event for Thursday June 10, starting at 2:00 pm and all are invited. The mural painters, Bill and Mary Floyd, find themselves in the strange position of boarding up artwork that they lovingly painted two years ago and that has enhanced the building and neighborhood with its presence.

Owners Lynn and Steve Hanrahan are in this unfortunate position due to murals being included in the sign code after AK Media (now Clear Channel) won a lawsuit against the City of Portland in the late nineties. The court decision found that the City made an unconstitutional distinction between two types of speech, based on content. The City was faced with the choice of not regulating signs at all, or regulating murals as signs. The maximum size of a sign allowed at the location of Mirador is 50 square feet. Lynn & Steve feel that they are out of options and cannot afford to risk fines by the BDS nor afford a $1435 fee for a adjustment process that may or may not allow them their full mural. Their hope is that a way out of this will be found and that in the future, not only will their full mural be on display but Portland will have the benefit of a flourishing mural program.

homepage: homepage: http://www.mirador-pdx.com
phone: phone: 503-231-5175
address: address: 2106 SE Division Street

art...gone 07.Jun.2004 13:55

country folk

Have you been out to Estacada lately? Such a small town, but with lovely murals....which are ALLOWED and encouraged. To think that Portland boards them up and the little towns welcome the arts...makes me wonder.

Rite Aid's mural 07.Jun.2004 15:35


Why does Rite Aid on 39th/Division get to have a huge honkin' mural - newly painted - and Mirador doesn't ????
Rite Aid's old mural
Rite Aid's old mural

defy them 07.Jun.2004 17:19

bright star

board it up creatively, for example, with small, irregular shapes of panel applied in collage style perhaps, with openings revealing the imprisoned mural beaneath. You can meet the code requirements and still impress upon authorities the injustice of the ordinance. That animated billboard over by PSU drives me kind of nuts...far more annoying and distracting than the mirador mural could ever be.

Let s s decorate the town 08.Jun.2004 01:17

Squirrel of the apocalypse

Any of thoses murals will be nicer than concrete.

In my region, the authorites are also starting to realise that graffities are often pieces of art, and that a nice mural prevents the wall from other ugly graffs. They used to clean up the painted trains right away, but now they tend to leave the painting on the train for a few weeks. (at least till it gets dirty).

I m sure all these colours don t anoy anyone

the ghost of Southern Pacific vs. Santa Clara County? 08.Jun.2004 17:28


Maybe this is the legacy of the now infamous case of Southern Pacific Railroad vs. Santa Clara County (1886), in which the Supreme Court granted corporations the same rights as persons?