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The Daily Poetry Movement

Poeple thronged the streets during Mardi Gras- but when they had a break away march they were arrested. Nope it doesn't happen. After the Rose Parade in portland a large group who wandered off together singing and chanting were surrounded rubber bulleted, and the children were pepper sprayed by cops-Didn't happen-Events without corporate funding are attacked.
What They Didn't Get
by Michael R. Allen, Biodevastation 7 Coordinator

at the World Agricultural Forum, they seek
an ethic against a rising tide
a way to stop everything
at a moment before the realization
of revolt
a way to own life outright without
having to pay anything for it
murder, one used to say
now trouble defined as security, abundance
devastating the world
the very things we need to live
from needed food to desired books & bikes

ah, the desires!
kill them & the ownership of life is complete

the search for an ethic against desire
an understanding of the side that
already understands (nothing)
a map of all of our homes
our spotted genes, our lives
one hand squashes us while the other
puts us in new plans
yet these hands are distant
& clumsy

all too often we know what's going on
and we pack up, move out, eat elsewhere
before are desires are threatened, we leave
before our needs go unmet, we
provide for them ourselves
and teach others to do so

those who want to own life own
everything, which might be nothing
except for the reality of something
that hurt my friends
some slashed bike tires
some quieter protesters
some condemned home, alive just a day ago
and the undeniable & real damage
we all carry inside our bodies
from the food that we eat

rebuild everything
take back the stolen tools
make new desires
and we still will carry
the plans of the biotechnicians
in our genetic codes
we are infused with plans of
marketable disorder
marked as order

at the Bolozone, police deface a photo
people's strewn clothes reek of cop piss and
a moment of despair floats overhead
until a million dreams of a new society
rain down and drown the moment
the police don't own even a moment of life
but they do the biding of those who want to

inside, my genes aren't mine anymore
will I piss on someone's clothes someday?
can I resist this society eating
anything that I buy in the store?
what will I become? what am I already?
do I eat war, drive death and buy myself
for someone else?

but also inside of me are
never-ending sadness &
never-ending hope

an ethic against desire
a fallen leaf rubs against my face
as it falls to earth
warm as a lover's touch
the planners don't own this leaf
this moment
our rage

my life


MB note. For those who rise up I thank you. Bless your hearts.

Isn't it time that we realized:

Resistence is FERTILE! CODE PINK!