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N.J. rules 'ladies' nights' discriminatory

"We're shaking our heads in disbelief," Deborah Dowdell, president of the New Jersey Restaurant Association, said Thursday. "Discrimination is such a serious issue, and it should not ever be taken lightly. But this is not discrimination. Ladies' night doesn't fit into that category."
Many scoff at N.J. ruling over 'ladies' nights'

Fri Jun 4, 6:11 AM ET

By Charisse Jones, USA TODAY

New Jersey's top civil rights official ruled this week that offering discounts on "ladies' nights" is unlawful because it discriminates against men.

And now, everyone from the governor to women's rights activists is talking back. Their response: It's not that serious.

"We're shaking our heads in disbelief," Deborah Dowdell, president of the New Jersey Restaurant Association, said Thursday. "Discrimination is such a serious issue, and it should not ever be taken lightly. But this is not discrimination. Ladies' night doesn't fit into that category."

The director of New Jersey's Division on Civil Rights, Frank Vespa-Papaleo, ruled Tuesday that the Coastline, a Cherry Hill restaurant and bar, violated the state's anti-discrimination law with its ladies-only promotion.

The decision was in response to a complaint filed in June 1998 by David Gillespie. He claimed he was the victim of bias when the restaurant allowed women free admission and discounted drinks while men had to pay $5 to get in and full price to imbibe.

Colleen Ready, an attorney for the Coastline, said she was uncertain whether the restaurant's owner would appeal. The ruling has the force of law, so other bars and businesses are concerned it could apply to them. Other states are mixed, the ruling points out. Judges in Pennsylvania and Iowa have agreed that such events are illegal, while Illinois and Washington state courts say they're OK as promotions to attract customers.

"This is bureaucratic nonsense," New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey said in a written statement. "It is an overreaction that reflects a complete lack of common sense and good judgment."

Others said that when it comes to bias, there are higher priorities.

"If women could now get equal pay for equal work, then they could afford the cover charges," said Deborah Jacobs of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey.

Added Rita Haley, president of the New York City chapter of the National Organization for Women: "I am concerned that he is looking for discrimination in all the wrong places."

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A dark day for gold diggers 04.Jun.2004 21:38


It's sad.

but... 04.Jun.2004 21:56

disco biscuit

What if the FEELING'S RIGHT???


What a night.


Why not men's rights? 05.Jun.2004 00:00

male libber

Whenever men's rights are involved, it's never that serious. 85 percent of rapes are committed against men? Not that serious. 85 percent of the homeless are male? Not that serious. Men die on average seven years earlier than women. Not that serious. Most of the dangerous jobs are filled by men? Not that serious. Most of the wealth is held by women? Not that serious. Just as many men die from prostrate cancer as women who die from breast cancer, yet there's no "race for the cure?" Not that serious. A big campaign is on the way to fight heart disease in women, yet men still contract it at a much higher rate than women? Not that serious.

If they had "whites" night or "blacks" night, would that not be serious discrimination? Of course it would.

"Ladies Night" sends the signal that females are more valuable and deserve better treatment than men. It also says that women can't take care of themselves and that men should foot their bills. All very silly and yet seriously sad.

yeah it sucks being a male 05.Jun.2004 01:34

oppressed male

What with all the money and power and all.

What's funny is that ladies night is a patriarchal capitalist institution. The idea is to sell your establishment by having women on the premises, drunk ones at that. I say shut down the meat markets, though I wonder how a capitalist, patriarchal society can have such a large Achilles heel. Oh well, I guess that's good news for us all. No wonder the business owners are pissed. But hey if "male libbers" want to help destroy capitalism and patriarchy I say go for it.

It does kinda suck being a male 05.Jun.2004 02:49


"What with all the money and power and all."

Yeah, that's just those very few assholes that get all the money, power and women and act like louses and make the rest of us look like creeps. We all know the types. The "bad boys", the "mr. cool" guys. Men that get ahead by being assholes and ruin it for the rest of us. The "mr. cool" ones that "dance". I hate those guys, dancing with all their money and hogging all the women. What's with women and, "bad boys", anyway? Do you really have to be a total dick to get a date? Do you have to dance too? Wouldn't they rather like to write some computer programs with me? What's with these total assholes and their 5 X-wives and 13 children they won't take care of.

Mr. Cool, I hate you.

some actual data would be nice 05.Jun.2004 05:02


So we know your claims of "85 percent of rapes are committed against men" and "Most of the wealth is held by women", among others, aren't complete BULLSHIT.

If all women stopped dating Mr Cool... 06.Jun.2004 15:20

A Nonny Mouse

As Catherine Austin Fitts pointed out, if all women stopped pursuing the the guy with the Ferrari, the mansion, and the yacht, things would start changing for the better.

Note: I paraphrased Ms. Fitts, but you get the idea.

Not that *all* men would stop being greedy, but a significant chunk would force themselves to re-evaluate their priorities.

men or women 06.Jun.2004 15:32

A Nonny Mouse

Actually, it would be interesting to see a breakdown by gender, because there can be a significant percentage of widows who have inhereted massive amounts of wealth from their deceased spouses. Since women do tend to live longer than men, it's not that unheard of. Add to that the families [Hilton sisters] that produced no heirs but only heiresses [/Hilton sisters]. There are also women Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Fords, etc. Then of course you have self-made billionaires like Oprah.

or something 06.Jun.2004 22:09

very complicated subject

The guys with the money and power are not the "bad boys."

"Bad boys" are the opposite stereotype. Women are socialized to pursue the money & power guys, also known as "marriage material," and some women rebel against that expectation, overcompensate, and make the opposite mistake of chasing the scum of society, however they imagine and construct that scumminess.

Both groups are really small minorities, but some small biological variations in sex drive or whatever, in combination with the exaggerating factors of the marketplace, all contrive to send single guys whirling around copping attitudes, playing roles, and begging for gals' attention while simultaneously the gals are sent fleeing.