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ACTION! Come Protest Police Brutality

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal . . . "
These words are nearly as hollow today as they when written over 200 years ago.
The Portland Police Department has been involved in countless incidents
that illustrate the effects of training officers in a culture of fear.
In addition to countless violations of civil rights, we have also seen multiple
deaths resulting from questionable police conduct.

Vera Katz serves dually as Mayor and Police Commissioner of Portland. We
believe that she has the moral obligation to see that a change is made in
the Portland Police Department's training policy and procedures for disciplining
officers guilty of abusing their power, including killing unarmed civilians.

Former Police Chief Mark Kroeker arguably lost his position due to issues
related to police brutality and we hope that Chief Foxworth can work with
Vera Katz and our new mayor to address this serious and pervasive problem.

Oncap, the Organization for Non-Complacency Among the People is a student
activist group here in Portland. We fight to shed light on issues and educate our
fellow community members. We can be reached via email at  oncap1@hotmail.com

At high noon this Saturday, June 5, we will be placing an effigy tombstone for all victims
of Portland police brutality near the intersection of NW 21st and Johnson St.
We are inviting activists and artists from across the area to read their own poetry,
make their music, or speak their mind about the latest in an ongoing string of incidents,
the killing of James Jahar Perez. Please bring a flower for the tombstone.

If more people show up than expected, we will be moving the gathering a few
blocks away to Couch Park at NW 21st and Glisan.

homepage: homepage: http://www.salvationinc.org/