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Tell "The Nader Factor" to donate money to Swing State Board of Elections

Tell Tricia Enright of "The Nader Factor" to not let Bush steal the election again. Urge the National Progress Fund to donate money to State Board of Elections (SBE) in the Swing States, so the SBE can keep hard copy individual tallies of people's votes. Do not allow these people's vote be stolen in cyberspace by these new Republican partisan electronic voting machines. Her contact information is 202-230-2376.

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Please don't let another State become the Florida of 2004. I urge you to take quick action to secure the right of Swing State voters like me to a voter-verified paper ballot in time for the November 2004 election. Numerous independent computer scientists and newspaper editors around the nation have warned elected officials that secure elections, accurate vote counts, and meaningful recounts are simply not possible with the current Diebold touchscreen voting machines and other brands of electronic voting machines. Security, accuracy, meaningful recounts - and voter confidence in the legitimacy of democratic governance -- are achievable, but only with voter-verified paper audit trails (VVPAT).

1. Some of these electronic voting machines only print a full day tally, not an individual vote, as required by some state laws.

2. A VVPAT is "desirable" to protect the rights of voters.

3. The problem can be fixed in time for the November 2004 elections.

4. The California Attorney General's office is launching a criminal investigation into Diebold.


Other people who founded "The Nader Factor" to voice your opinion to:

John Hlinko, <  john.hlinko@grassroots.com > 202-741-3798

David Jones, former aide to Representative Dick Gephardt

Karl Frisch, former Multimedia Communications Director, Dean for America