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Man's Dream to See Police Department Comes True

This is really ironnical
(Gresham-AP) -- First the Troutdale man asked Gresham police if he could go on a ride-along to learn more about the department.

You see, 22-year-old Wade Silva says he has relatives who work as police officers in other states and he wanted to see what it was like.

But a standard records check to clear Silva for the ride-along revealed that he had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for burglary.

According to police, Silva robbed a woman with whom he stayed for a short time. He duplicated her key, returned after he moved out and stole a D-V-D player, eight D-V-Ds and 100 C-Ds.

The ride-along Silva applied to go on was with the same law enforcement agency that was investigating the case.

So, when Silva arrived for his ride, police snagged him.

He got a ride-along all right. But one in handcuffs -- and in the back seat.
Who care's about this 'oddly enough' bullshit 04.Jun.2004 22:05


You can find this junk anywhere

To "uh" 04.Jun.2004 22:50


This is an open publishing page. Are folks allowed to publish things that THEY find interesting or only things that YOU are interested in. You know, successful radicals need not be so polarized to the negative. You can smile every now and again, too (and don't go on about "the troubled times" - with no pause to smile, you lose your "edge" - just ask any successful rebel)