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The Earth First! Regional Rendezvous

Next week: June 10th-14th eco-folks from across the west coast will gather in the Biscuit burn area, site of the largest timber sale in modern history to revel and issue in another summer of resistance! The EF! rendezvous is the biggest radical environmental gathering in of the year in the NW. Tons of workshops, ways to get involved, games, camping, discussion, etc. Read more for carpool info and directions!

[Also: This Saturday and Sunday: Actions and Organzing 101 Workshops at Laurelhurst Park]

The NW Earth First! Regional Rendezvous is June 10th-14th - be there! Tons of workshops, lots of great eco-folks and eco-freaks, and a super opportunity to get (re)involved in NW ecodefense!

Call 541.482.2640 for the best, updated, recorded directions or leave a message with any questions. Its a sweet place in the Westside Biscuit near the Chetco River.

For carpool coordination (from all locations North of the Biscuit) contact 503-493-7495 or action@cascadiarising.org


Get to Hwy. 101 and head toward Gold Beach and turn up Hunter Creek Rd. (not Hunter Cr Loop) a mile or so south of town. Go up this road (County Rd. 635, I believe) along Hunter Creek quite a few miles as it turns into 3680 and heads into the Siskiyous. This will finally bring you to Fairview Meadow and a short distance (< 1/2 mi) later to Rd. 1376 on yer right. Take it. This road will improve after a couple miles. After about 5 miles or so, look for the trailhead to Cedar Camp and the juncture with Rd. 1407 at Mineral Hill (don't go down this). A couple/three miles more and hook up 370 on yer right (r12w,t38s, sec. 3,4). Welcome to the voo.

Post Rendezvous Forest Events:

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: 503-493-7495

More details on the Eastern Oregon Field Checking 04.Jun.2004 19:16

PROWL Project prowl(at)cascadiarising.org

Participants with Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, the PROWL Project, and other concerned folks will be converging at the Five Buttes Interface timber sale from June 18-20. Whether you come out for the day or the whole weekend, we'll be happy to see you there! Please let us know if you're interested in coming (RSVP to to  prowl@cascadiarising.org) and if you need or can give ride(s)--let's try to take as few cars out as possible!

Southwest of Wickiup Reservoir and east of Odell Lake, Five Buttes Interface is the first "Healthy Forest Restoration Act" timber sale on the Deschutes and is in the Crescent Ranger District. With 7,110 acres of "management units" (in a 160,000 acre planning area), there's quite a bit of ground to cover. Logging is proposed in Northern spotted owl habitat, Late-successional Reserves, and riparian areas; this one looks like trouble...

-action proposed by the Forest Service:
 link to www.fs.fed.us

The weekend should be a great chance to learn about doing citizen surveys of timber sales--we'll provide the training needed to document forest types, wildlife habitat, streams, plants, and other ecosystem values likely to be impacted by logging. No prior experience is necessary, but let us know if you have special skills or experience that can help us learn more about the area, such as knowledge about the plants, wildlife, geology, soils, and local history. Also, if you just want to enjoy hiking, camping out and getting to know the area at your own pace, that's great too!

If you can't make this weekend or decide you want to investigate more timber sales (and believe us, there's plenty of them out there right now), let us a good time for you. Also, there's plenty of ways to getinvolved from town too.

see you in the woods,
Lisa Blanton
the PROWL Project