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USA Love It Or Leave It Program

A practical (and modest) proposal to grant permanent, U.S. residency to undocumented immigrants, with its numbers depending on U.S. citizens leaving the country.
Being an American -- a right to live and work in the United States of America -- is a privilege highly coveted by peoples around the world. The number of illegal aliens has not dropped considerably, despite the increased enforcement activities by the Department of Homeland Security.

Yet, there are so many American-born American citizens today expressing desires to leave this blessed nation for Canada, Europe or other parts of the world where same kind of economic, religious or political freedoms do not quite exist.

This is disconcerting, for I left the country of my birth as a teenager and eventually arrived in America. I am grateful for this nation's freedom and liberty. There are a due process, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to bear arms, none of which existed in that country.

The Congress of the United States can however exploit this trend to engage in a massive "swapping" of people: with every American citizen leaving his homeland, the Department of State and/or the Department of Homeland Security would grant permanent amnesty and/or residency to foreigners desiring to live in America and can sufficiently demonstrate their commitment to American values.

This proposal can benefit America, as everyone wins in it.
Try using your brain 04.Jun.2004 16:10



There's already a program for that 04.Jun.2004 16:22

those who don't like dissent

Can hitch up to the corporate meatwagon and do your part for Halliburton in the War on Abstract Nouns.

Freedom Flies ---> 04.Jun.2004 17:04


You mention, "due process", have you read the patriot act? Have you followed the news?
You mention, "freedom of speech", have you read the patriot act? Have you followed the news?
You mention, "freedom of religion", have you read the patriot act? Have you followed the news?
You mention, "freedom to bear arms", forget it.

All of these things are now fond memories. They can take you away and disappear you right before our very eyes without filing charges or naming witnesses for as long as they want. If you have something to say they can put you in a cage and call it a "free speech zone", far from listening ears. The JTTF can haul you off if you go to the wrong church or if your daughter happens to be named, "Sharia". The only arms you are allowed to bear are insignificant against the tanks of the robo-cops.

And you mention, "This blessed nation," Is that as in "God Bless America"? Are you saying that you would like God to bless America but not Korea? Are the people of Sweden less deserving of God's blessings. I suggest you view the video, "Misunderstandings" which explores the conflation of religion and nationalism.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/289965.shtml

Overheard once between segments on Democracy Now -- "How can you say God bless America when there's a whole WORLD out there?"


Maybe you all should.... 04.Jun.2004 17:08


...learn about having a "sense of humor" and "sarcasm."

Or do you like to have everything laid out clearly for you... so YOU don't have to think.


Love it or Leave it, YES! 04.Jun.2004 19:08


I'm all for the love it or leave it concept. The fact is, most native born northwesteners do love our region, it's the U.S. government that lusts after our resources, as evidenced by massive clearcuts, tons of nuclear waste and suburban sprawl, ect. The U.S. does not love our region, they simply lust after our resources.

I believe the answer to this problem is for the U.S. and like-minded Americans who only see our region as a path for them to 'get' crap for their shallow lives is to leave.

Leave us now, Asshole America, and take all your crap with you.

Free 04.Jun.2004 19:55


Free Cascadia!!!

Thanks AMSG 04.Jun.2004 22:45


I almost hurt myself rolling my eyes at the first 3 posters. To Sister Katie - that was a good one, you caught a few folks. There are just too many out there poised to spew venom so eagerly, that a good piece of sarcasm gets them every time...

A Third Option 05.Jun.2004 08:28

: )

love it
leave it
change it!

love it or leave it 05.Jun.2004 08:37


almost as good a slogan as "peace through superior firepower"

fuck you, YOU get off of MY fucking dirt.

love dissent or leave earth.

yeah 05.Jun.2004 08:38


i know its a joke; were just practicing :)!

i'm all for it 05.Jun.2004 11:56

i don't love it

I've been plotting how to marry someone in europe for citizenship anyway, and if someone wants to take my space here, go for it.

Give it Back! 05.Jun.2004 18:08

Bern Haggerty

We might suggest "love it, leave it, or give it back." It is occupied territory taken by illegal wars, genocides, trails of tears, aparthied walls, etc.

I like the idea of staying long enough to obliterate the American Military Empire; wipe it off the face of the earth, before it's too late.

On June 30, we should all demand a transfer of power from a temporary, appointed military government to a government chosen by the people.

Peace. Bern.