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Call to Action

the Urban Guerrilla Front will mark this weekend as the beginning of it summer campaign to support the struggle all are likewise invited to do it yourself. keep you eyes opoen you just may see some of our work.
while the activists get herded into free speech zones surely to face a crack down of epic proportions should even one fart be green, savannah and atlanta will be making their own noise

"In the summer of 2004, the reigning politicians and bosses of the world's most powerful industrial nation-states will gather on the southeast Atlantic coast of the land occupied by the United States government. With their army of their bureaucrats and spin doctors, they seek to polish the image of their agenda of corporate colonization, global warfare for empire, and ecological devastation under the euphemisms of "economic globalization," "free trade," and "counter-terrorism."

Their meetings will take place on a secluded and exclusive island, quite appropriate for a Group of 8 so isolated from the working people they claim to represent. The State will spend millions turning this rich residential area into a military stronghold to maintain that isolation. To the people, their message is clear: "Keep out; this is none of your concern."

It IS of our concern --- a concern of all peoples, and we must not fail to confront the powerful, no matter how they fortify themselves.

Yet, this is not a call to follow the bosses to their next summit. For too long, the resistance movement has allowed these bandit kings to choose the terrain upon which we meet. We have allowed their goons time to prepare for our arrival. We have been corralled, beaten, arrested and shot at in the locations of their choosing.

It is not only at these summits where our enemies can be found, but every day in our home towns and cities. Their monotonous chain stores, banks, and high-rises dominate our landscapes and horizons. Their neo-liberal capitalist ideology invades every aspect of our lives, and transforms our most personal relations into commodities.

In response to the G8 Summit, being held in Sea Island, USA, we call for days of decentralized and autonomous direct action against capitalism, exploitation, empire, and ecocide across the globe to coincide with the meetings, June 8-10, 2004.

This a call to build the future---a future marked by freedom, joy, and shared well-being---a future altogether brighter than, and different from, the cruel dystopia on offer from the G8. It is a call to reclaim our communities, our landscapes, our dreams and our lives from the totalitarian-capitalist vision promoted by the G8 and their corporate cronies.

We shall craft our resistance in the loving vision of the world in which we wish to live. Allow them their isolated ivory towers- we'll make their holy sites our play grounds."

rise up and strike comrades
let the liberation begin

this is the
urban guerrilla liberation front

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/u_ge_l_f