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Kerry will nominate Bush, screw it, I'm resisting

This is a small but worthwhile response to a recent article :  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/289995.shtml
The article says that Kerry will nominate anti-abortion judges and based on that the poster is going to vote for Bush. You know, that makes perfectly STUPID sense.

Kerry and Bush are the same will either will will not get anything different, your vote doesnt count, so itstead of "screwing it" and voting for one or the other, why not screw it and resist?

Does this make sense to anyone aside from me? Following these coversations about which one would be a modicum better, it is simply silly to think that these are different people or different ideas or different at all. You get the same from both, just different courses of action, the path to worse is different, not the outcome.

IT is time to resist this tyranny, rise up and say no, these are not democratic elections, I will not choose "a" or "a.1" as a people we can say no. As a people we must say no. WE must stop thinking as they want us to that there still is a choice in these elections. The only choice is revolution the only action is to resist.
read the damn source before shooting your mouth off 04.Jun.2004 11:42

actually can read

Kerry said, numerous times, that he would not nominate anyone that would overturn roe v wade. He was asked if he would be willing to nominate judges to a lower court who personally opposed abortion but were able to remain neutral in cases they were hearing, which he agreed to, but still stated he would NOT appoint them to high court if they would be willing to overturn roe v wade.