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Bush Uses Pope as Papal Puppet for Election Edge

Are American Catholics that gullible?
Recent news reports suggest that Bush sees appearing with the Pope in Rome as a tool to boost his support among American Catholic voters. Are they gullible enough to think that proximity to the Pope makes Dubya somehow more holy? Or that the Pope, who has openly opposed the war in Iraq, as accepting of Bush's agenda?
Danziger Agrees 04.Jun.2004 20:20


Imagine our surprise...

He Probably Invited the Pope to Kiss His Ring 04.Jun.2004 23:08

Cheney Watch

An audience with the Pope would be a dream come true for most Catholics. To Bush it's just another photo op.

Bush's hidden agenda 14.Jun.2004 09:37

Paul D

Bush had a hidden in seeking a meeting with the Pope. He is grandstanding to try to get catholic votes. He also begged the Pope and leading bishops to speak out even more against social issues
(gay marriage, stem cell research, abortion) for his advantage in the election.

Bush NEVER cared about the Vatican position against the Iraq invasion. Why does he suddenly care about their position on social issues? It is only his own agenda that matters.

I hope the catholic vote sees through this blatantly insincere act by Bush.


Paul D
New York