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Pontiff as Political Pawn

The Pope should show integrity and refuse to pose with any political candidates.
Recent news reports suggest that Bush will use some of his time in Rome to cosy up to the Pope for photo ops meant to boost his support among American Catholics. My first reaction was, "American Catholics cannot be stupid enough to equate proximity in a picture with holiness." My second was, "I cannot believe that the Pope would lend his support -- even unspoken and given through photo ops -- to a political candidate with blood on his hands."

Can anyone explain this? Or is this once-vital Pope now so enfeebled by Parkinsons that he simply can't run when Bush chases him down with the press corps and throws an arm around him?
I can explain 05.Jun.2004 03:48


there are no older partners of the slavemasters than the pope in particular and mysticism in general (they provide the slave ideology, i.e. help befog the masses.)
the church itself of course--with its scary fairy tale (note similarity to Bush tactic)--even ruled over all of western christendom for a thousand years, in a period appropriately called the Dark Ages.
Read a book. Light a candle.

in defence of the pope 05.Jun.2004 10:02


John Paul II delivered over a dozen speeches denouncing the Bush administration's plans for war in the months leading up to the invasion of Iraq. The American media was predictably silent about his position.