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Peace Walk In Vancouver

Peace Walk in Vancouver, Saturday
Please gather in downtown Vancouver's Esther Short Park for a peace walk, Saturday June 5 at 10:30am. This will be Vancouver's third peace walk. Details in the Calendar.

Farmers' Market will be there, too. So let that tempt you to join us. The same day will have big marches in DC & SF & elsewhere. We can't match those, but we can walk anyway & be visible right here.

Den Mark,
Vancouver For Peace
Cross over the bridge! 04.Jun.2004 09:27


Hey, Portlanders, I'm looking forward to seeing you. Some of us go to Portland marches & rallys all the time. So cross over the bridge and join. We have some great speakers scheduled.

Esther Short Park at the clock tower is just about 2-3 blocks west of the downtown transit center. If you take the Yellow line Max, get off at Lombard, cross the street, and take #6. Parking is free on Saturday, but might be tight.

Get out of Iraq, NOW!

Post-Info 05.Jun.2004 18:45

Den Mark

For the record, we had just short of a hundred join the peace walk today. The one park bike-police guy, who quietly accompanied us, told me he counted 120-130. His count was wrong, but what the heck. Let's say we had 130! Several familiar Portland faces came north to help. Thanks for that. It was a good visibility event. The more visibility, the better. So this was another Vancouver contribution toward that. Peace to Portland-Vancouver Metro!