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10 New Portland Indymedia Videos Available Online

In 2001 Portland media activists began showing videos throughout the city of Portland to raise awareness of local issues and events. In 2004 some of these videos began to appear online, available to the world for download. Since this began videos have been downloaded in dozens of different countries (more than 40 at least) tens of thousands of times. The demand and appreciation has been so great that more videos have subsequently been released online. The most recent set of 10 videos covers a wide variety of subject matter from genetic engineering and forest defense to religion and dumpster diving, as well as the more common protest coverage and media criticism.

This release includes the popular "A22 Bush Protest" video that has been distributed widely on vhs and its companion piece about the "A30 Critical Mass" following the protest, the new "Fuck the Corporate Media" video which highlights how the corporate media distorts and outright lies in their coverage of protests, both parts of the DIY Dumpstering series, "The FrankenWedding" video about genetic engineering, which is pertinent to the Reclaim the Commons events currently underway, The "Killer-Coke: Corporate Crimes in Colombia" video, short forest defense pieces on Tre Arrow and Cascadia Summer, and the more experimental "Misunderstandings" which explores the conflation of religion and nationalism.

Fuck the Corporate Media
Fuck the Corporate Media
A22 Bush Protest
A22 Bush Protest
A30 Critical Mass
A30 Critical Mass
The FrankenWedding
The FrankenWedding
DIY Dumpstering 101
DIY Dumpstering 101
DIY Dumpstering 102
DIY Dumpstering 102
Killer-Coke: Corporate Crimes in Colombia
Killer-Coke: Corporate Crimes in Colombia
Solidarity Benefit for Tre Arrow
Solidarity Benefit for Tre Arrow
Cascadia Summer (short version)
Cascadia Summer (short version)

Fuck The Corporate Media (20:05)
"Fuck The Corporate Media" analyzes the tactics, both subtle and blatant, employed by the corporate media to control your mind. This video covers just one day in the lies of the corporate media. See for yourself how they sell us out in this startling comparison between what really happened on August 21st, 2003 in Portland, Oregon, and what they say about what happened. Fuck the corporate media!
Standard Quality:vftr_fuckthecorporatemedia_320k_vp3.avi46.3 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_fuckthecorporatemedia_1.5m_vp3.avi225.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

A22 Bush Protest (27:44)
On August 22nd, 2002, the people of Cascadia came to the streets of Portland, Oregon, in the first post-9/11 protest against the illegal bush regime. People still believed in the US constitution back then, so they brought their children to an event that was supposed to have been a non-violent expression of their right to dissent. Although the crowd was peaceful, they were met by phalanxes of armed riot police, snipers crouching on rooftops, and helicopter gun ships threatening from the sky. To their horror, they and their children were assaulted, beaten, arrested and attacked with chemical weapons. Even the most entrenched liberal came to realize it was the end of democracy in America. Riot porn to write home about.
Standard Quality:vftr_a22bushprotest_320k_vp3.avi72.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_a22bushprotest_1.5m_vp3.avi343.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

A30 Critical Mass (8:05)
A week after the A22 Bush protest Critical Mass took to the streets as it does on the last Friday of every month in Portland, Oregon. In the wake of the Bush protest the police decided to crack down hard on the bicyclists using random arrests and physical violence. Watch 8 minutes of almost solid riot porn.
Standard Quality:vftr_a30criticalmass_320k_vp3.avi19.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_a30criticalmass_1.5m_vp3.avi99.0 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

The FrankenWedding (14:14)
what happens when your friendly neighborhood chain store falls into bed with a giant biotech firm and doesn't want to tell you about it? weird things indeed. "frankenwedding" covers the marriage between betty, the biotech ear of corn, and safeway ceo steven burd. presiding over the ceremony is the bizarre cast of characters including the monstrous monsanto. (you remember monsanto: they brought you the atomic bomb, round up, and now unsafe and untested genetically engineered ingredients at your local safeway store.)
Standard Quality:vftr_frankenwedding_320k_vp3.avi35.3 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_frankenwedding_1.5m_vp3.avi171.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

DIY Dumpstering 101 (18:28)
One thing about rampant consumerism: It breeds unimaginable waste. Taking more than you need and never being satisfied are symptoms of the disease known as The American Way of Life. We can do better. Learn to reclaim some of that waste and live more sustainably in DIY dumpstering 101 and 102. Dumpstering 101 is the first of the DIY series, in which The Portland Indymedia Video Collective goes in search of video supplies. Along the way, they find lots of great stuff and meet some interesting people. 101 covers the basics, including dumpster etiquette, beginning dumpster security, and basic food safety tips. (For more on food, though, see 102.)
Standard Quality:vftr_diydumpstering101_320k_vp3.avi40.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_diydumpstering101_1.5m_vp3.avi149.7 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

DIY Dumpstering 102 (13:08)
Dumpstering 102 builds on the basic skills learned in 101. This time, we go after food, and we find it. Lots and lots of great appetizing food from the bins of capitalism's underbelly. Feeding the revolution without compromise is easier (and tastier) than you might think. Learn why gloves are a good thing, how to breach dumpster security, and how to live like a king from the unwitting largesse of a greedy and wasteful society.
Standard Quality:vftr_diydumpstering102_320k_vp3.avi28.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_diydumpstering102_1.5m_vp3.avi110.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

Killer-Coke: Corporate Crimes in Colombia (17:14)
If you missed Juan Carlos Galvis' recent talk in Portland, watch this video to learn about Coca-Cola's crimes in Colombia and throughout the world. Find out why an international campaign has been launched to boycott Coke products. And learn what you can do to help!
Standard Quality:vftr_diydumpstering102_320k_vp3.avi28.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_diydumpstering102_1.5m_vp3.avi110.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

Solidarity Benefit for Tre Arrow (6:51)
On April 13th, 2004, forest defender Tre Arrow was arrested in Canada. The FBI and the timber industry have attempted to brand Tre an "eco-terrorist," whatever that is. If he's extradited to the U.S., he could be tried under the USA PATRIOT act, and in that event he could face up to 80 years behind bars. But the people of Cascadia stand with Tre. We know who the real eco-terrorists are. The real terrorists are those who are razing the forests and burning down the planet, not those who are trying to stop them. People from Portland to British Columbia and beyond stand in solidarity with Tre and with all forest defenders. This short video covers just one of the many events going on all over Cascadia to raise awareness and to free Tre Arrow.
Standard Quality:vftr_trearrowbenefit_320k_vp3.avi14.2 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_trearrowbenefit_1.5m_vp3.avi69.8 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

Cascadia Summer (short version) (4:27)
The Cascadia Summer video is a poetic call to action to defend the last old growth forests within the United States over the summer of 2003 in the pacific northwest. Drawing upon the last 10 years of forest video, set to music with commentary, showing before, during, and after the cutting this video highlights various tactics used to defend forests successfully and mentions the challenges that are currently being faced in attempts to preserve the last of the ancient forests.
Standard Quality:vftr_cascadiasummershort_320k_vp3.avi10.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_cascadiasummershort_1.5m_vp3.avi57.1 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

Misunderstandings (4:27)
Who really speaks for God? Does anyone? How can we all be so confused? "Misunderstandings" is a cathartic exploration of the tension and the irony that arise when political ideology and self-interest are mistaken for the Word of God. Using the ravings of a group of bible-thumping patriots, combined with original and found footage from various sources, this video exposes the realm of damage and confusion that erupts from misunderstandings about God and country.
Standard Quality:vftr_misunderstandings_320k_vp3.avi9.4 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_misunderstandings_1.5m_vp3.avi45.3 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

If you cannot get these links to work you will need to download and install a peer-to-peer client that can understand them. Windows users should consider downloading shareaza which is free, open source, and supports all 3 types of links (though the torrent link will probably be the fastest). Windows, Mac OS, or Linux users can use cross-platform clients like BitTorrent or Azureus. Of course, many peer-to-peer clients, including Kazaa, BearShare, Limewire, eMule, and more, can already understand either magnet or ed2k links.

If the downloaded videos do not display video you will need to download and install the VP3 Codec. For more complete documentation and help visit the online video guide or the step-by-step tutorials for windows or mac os. There are also several more videos available online as well as links to related stories for those who are interested.

Sound a few seconds off 04.Jun.2004 03:54


What can I do to make the sound and video overlap correctly? When I played the last round of VFTR films, the sound was 2-3 seconds ahead or behind of the person saying/doing something on screen. How could I fix this? It only occurs with VFTR films, perhaps because these are the only ones using VP3. All other films I play work fine, regardless of resolution or file size...
Iīd appreciate some advice.
In general: Thanks and Kudos to the VFTR collective for all their great work!!

System Investigation Request 04.Jun.2004 10:15

Problem Reporter

Using Internet Explorer 6.0. Accessing the indymedia servers via the Internet.

Procedure to reproduce

1. Click on a link and get a dialog box to save or open the file.
2. Choose to save the file. You are prompted to save the file as "vftr_misunderstandings_1.5m_vp3.avi.torrent".
3. Accept the default name and save the file.

Result: You get a 22kilobyte file that appears to be a streaming media header of some sort. Also the default file name ends with the extension ".torrent". This is not a valid extension for ANY streaming media file formats. Also the way the page is designed, it appears as if the avi files can be directly downloaded to my local computer - not streamed, but downloaded. This, however, does not appear to work.

Torrent troubles explained 04.Jun.2004 11:14


Thatīs because you need BitTorrent application to do the downloading! It is not a streaming file in itself, but will download the whole movie to your PC so that -- hopefully -- you can go on to share it with others when ur online. Privacy is somewhat sacrified. To read the detailed explanation, go to portland.indymedia.org and click on "video"


shareaza 04.Jun.2004 12:21


i prefer to use shareaza, because it can not only work with the bittorrent link, but also if you choose to connect to ed2k it can use those links also.

they just open sourced the code(v2.0.0), its totally free (speech and beer!) www.shareaza.com

im using the torrents, ill keep em open for yas ;)

thoughts 04.Jun.2004 12:43


Curious, the only problems I've heard of with audio synchronization have been with people playing the higher quality video sin the later versions of QuickTime (on mac or pc). The later versions of QuickTime cannot plan back the higher quality streams quickly enough. If this is the case I would try another video player (which depends on your platform). If not please post some computer specs and I'll see if I can reproduce the problem. Also, it may be worth trying the smaller files and see if they play any better.

Thanks for the report Problem Reporter and the response torr. You nailed it. Streaming video is extremely bandwidth intensive, particularly streaming on demand video. Plus, the main reason for most people to have streaming video is to prevent the viewers from having a copy (check out the Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer, want to save a copy and you'll have to jump through hoops). This system encourages people to keep a local copy (for safety, redundancy, etc) as well as to share copies with others. So, it is a new paradigm compared to the corporate model, but one which is extremely important. So best of luck, as was stated in the article and comments shareaza might be a good choice for windows users, as would BitTorrent for simplicity (it just gives you a "save as" dialog box and nothing more).

YAY! 04.Jun.2004 14:12

pdx video fan


torrent links aren't working :( 04.Jun.2004 14:23


can someone please fix?

tore rent 04.Jun.2004 14:54


I'll second that - the links to the torrent's are not working at all.
The video section here is really great. I think it could be made a bit less confusing and
more organized though. Like when I clicked on the dumpstering video link in the feature and it took me to articles catagorized under sustainability. I think it should take me to the video section.

Thank you all for such a great site!

torrent links are working :) 04.Jun.2004 17:59


thanks for fixing!

yo check this out 05.Jun.2004 06:24


the links to the torrents work great for me as far as i can download them, my problem ithinks is that the torrent for the coca-cola video is actually the same html link as the dumpster diving torrent. ez mistake ;) i wonder though, after just watching 'corporate media' has anyone tried to make this video accessible to the portland oregon corporate media reporter (was her name elaine thomas?). just curious. thx !!! great videos!!!

killer coke link wrong 05.Jun.2004 10:01


Thanks for putting these online :)

One thing though: the links to the coke video are actually linking to the dumpstering 102 video. Could the correct links be uploaded? thanks.

: ) 06.Jun.2004 08:17

Fuck the corporate media

The reporter's name is Elaine Murphy. And I bet Elaine, Jim Hyde, and the snotty "steve and natalie" duo are getting these forwarded to them from all over the city. : )

Outfreakinstanding! 06.Jun.2004 09:57

V.Ari Mpressed

This is fantastic. I was especially moved by "Misunderstandings-" What IMAGERY! You folks have to be very proud. Lemme know when you do a compilation DVD/CD, hopefully un copy protected, so that folks can purchase, and copy and distribute to their heart's content. The word needs to be broadcast by as many folks, in as many ways as possible.

to v.ari mpressed 06.Jun.2004 14:00


Thanks for the kind words! As for copying and distributing, please feel free to do so now! If you can download em, you can copy em. This isn't about profit, or private control of our work. It's about sharing and community, and the more people we can reach with our work the better. All work from the pdx indy video collective is copyleft or anti-copyright. What all that means is that everything is free for you to copy, show, share at will as long as you do so for non-commercial reasons. We only ask that you don't sell any of it, as we generally do not, because capitalism sucks.

corrected killer-coke 06.Jun.2004 14:47


Killer-Coke: Corporate Crimes in Colombia (17:14)
If you missed Juan Carlos Galvis' recent talk in Portland, watch this video to learn about Coca-Cola's crimes in Colombia and throughout the world. Find out why an international campaign has been launched to boycott Coke products. And learn what you can do to help!
Standard Quality:vftr_killercoke_320k_vp3.avi33.9 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k
High Quality:vftr_killercoke_1.5m_vp3.avi123.6 MBtorrent, magnet, ed2k

stupid stupid 07.Jun.2004 22:43


PLease at the very least make these files avaliable via ftp or http for people who are not able to use the torrents, etc...

stupid stupid 08.Jun.2004 22:49


its more cost effective this way... ill tell you what, you pay the money for the ftp server and ill host these files for you champo

green screen 02.Jul.2004 10:18

gregory gregthechi@hotmail.com

firstly i would like to say how pleased i am to find this site, i cant wait to watch all these documentarys ive downloaded...

meet your meat, watch  http://www.petatv.com/tvpopup/video.asp?video=mym2002
they are some other documentarys ive found very usefull to increase my
knowledge on things that i believe in very much ie: vegitarianism and truthin media!

anyway i can only get a green screen everytime i watch a vp3 vid... maybe its the codec im not sure ... but if anyone knows a way of getting rid of it id be grateful... cheers