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"Supportt the Troops" is Supporting Fascism-in-Power!

"Supportt the Troops" is Supporting Fascism-in-Power!

On the one hand we have the Zionist Invaders and Anglo-occupiers who have the obligation and abitity to LEAVE, and on the other hand Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan which do not have a choice but to RESIST.

Objectively two forces are diametrically opposed by force of arms, and one is aiding in the killing of side a. or side b. , no matter what subjective desire they have. It really doesn't matter in the material world wheither such useless pieces of trash come from a working class background or are "people of color", because either way they are still the guns of the fascism in power of our era, being used against the guns which are objectively the anti-fascists and anti-globalists of our era. Were do you stand Zionist-controlled AmeriKKKa? I ask you this, because it isn't my fault, nor Al-Fallujah's, that the real end to occupation requires occupiers coming home in a bodybag. Deal with reality!

You want "peace" fight Zionism and Pro-US chauvenism, instead of scapegoating the rocks, human bombs, and Kalashnikovs, of the People's War. Their is always an excuse not to support liberation struggles in the periphery because their not "pure" enough to our deformed western leftist thinking, but such is still part of the Pro-imperialist pro-Zionist pole, objectively.

Bring the Troops home? Yes!
Support the Troops? NO!
Support the Resistance? INTIFADAH!!!

I only support the fight for the truth! 03.Jun.2004 19:39

Bird dog

Let the liars and warmongers burn by their own fire!

really 03.Jun.2004 21:40


i too dont like term 'people of color'.you can be pitch white but be 'part black' and racist will still hate you

"support the troops" is meaningless drivel 04.Jun.2004 01:11

danny p

"support the troops" is nothing but a phrase with no meaning designed to distract people from real issues. For as long as we're debating whether we "support the troops" or don't "support the troops" we're not debating anything of importance.

What does it mean to "support the troops?" Do you "support people in Ohio" or "support people with blonde hair?" what's it mean? NOTHING!

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS 04.Jun.2004 08:54


yeaaaawwwwwnnnn. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 04.Jun.2004 21:36


Hmm.. Support our troops by voting Bush out eh?

Zionist Invaders.. Anglo Occupiers? "Zionist-controlled AmeriKKKa? " ????? and who can forget the following"

"You want "peace" fight Zionism and Pro-US chauvenism, instead of scapegoating the rocks, human bombs, and Kalashnikovs, of the People's War"

So what your saying is.. that if the Anyone is Pro-US in thinking.. that were racists and are by default facists?

Sadly I would not count on you supporting the troops by any means.

I believe your anti-war thinking has blinded you in the reality of what the troops have been ordered to do. Those People that are mainly armed with Kalashnikovs that are fighting the US and Coalition armed forces are radicals who are going against some of the most dedicated troops in the world.

I myself would point out that in Iraq.. the military there before the US led Invasion burrid their own aircraft in the sand instead of letting us bomb them to oblivion.

But I fail to see how our efforts are in support Of Zionism.. it escapes me.

"People" of color? 05.Jun.2004 00:17

a colored person

In the past it was racist to say "colored people." Now it's PC to say "people of color." What's the difference? And what is a person of color if not every person alive? Has there ever been a person who was not a color?

thats amouthfull 16.Jun.2004 20:46

big brother

wow! what mouthfull of crap you spew. please, on your next posting, relate to all of us "zionist, imperialist, materialist, and chauvenistic americans" the definition of fascism. not what you think it sounds like, but a real definition. explain to me how a capitalist country with private ownership of business and property is actually fascist. oh yeah, its not really meant to speak about real fascism, but the emotional response that so catagorizes the dummasses that generally use the f-word. so you want intifadah in the u.s. right? why dont we have it in your town or city. would that make you happy? to have your family killed by some asshole with a bomb strapped to himself? or is it just another stupid buzzword. if you really want a holy war, fine. the reality is that you will die, your friends will die the people that you "care" about will die, etc. is that o.k? im sure your views are just like the dummasses that were the human shields,hahahahah. they want us to think that they are these "brave" soldiers in the "struggle against the capatilist oppressors" but when saddam wanted to move their stupid asses to his military installations, they suddenly changed their tune. hipocrytes. i thought saddam was a hero, but they didnt want to really be there when the bombs actually started falling. where are your balls now? cowards. if you put yourself in that situation, you get what you deserve. support our troops? damn right! they are the only ones keeping your jobless skin from being the middle of what you claim to want.